Roots Cookbook Author to Speak at Boulder Book Store

We have all seen the many notices for author events at local bookstores. Here is one readers of Eat Drink Boulder can get excited about.

Cookbook author Diane Morgan will be speaking from 7:00 to 8:00 PM on Thursday, October 25th the Boulder Bookstore. Morgan will be speaking about her newest cookbook, “Roots.”

Here is a description from the publisher:

Roots reveals the bounteous underworld of root vegetables from the familiar (beets, carrots, potatoes) to the unfamiliar (jicama, salsify, yuca) to the practically unheard of (cassava, galangal, crosnes). Discover the fascinating history and lore of each one, their nutritional content, how to buy and store them, and—the best part—more than 225 simple yet creative recipes that bring out their best flavors.”

So for anyone interested in root vegetables, consider heading on over to the Boulder Bookstore to hear an expert cookbook author in person.