Hazel’s Beverage World is a whole new booze planet


If you aren’t old enough to remember Hazel, the TV show about the kooky but earnestly wise house keeper for the Baxter’s, maybe you recall when Liquor Mart was the only game in town.  Okay, stop.  Those days are over, baby. Say hello to the new kid in town, Hazel’s Beverage World.

P-51 Mustang?

Located just north of Jai Ho’s at the southwest corner of Pearl and 28th , and open until 11:45 nightly, Hazel’s is a whole new beast, and… the ante has been upped, you might say.

First, it’s good-sized but not a mall…more of a hangar, really.  The shiny black floor, easy-to-see-over displays, giant wall-mounted section signs, and real airplane suspended from the rafters give it a feeling of spaciousness, and purpose.  It’s kinda cool to not be overwhelmed by a fleet of competing “Look at Me!” signs in flashing neon; the feel is sleek, modern and relaxed.  They also have a wine cellar, humidor and a tasting bar.  Nice.


Next, it’s stocked with knowledgeable staff.  On a recent trip, I was assisted by a savvy and impressively patient associate, Amanda Jo.  She helped me find an obscure wine from the Pacific Northwest, all the while flaunting some pretty deep wine chops and pithy anecdotes.  Hazel’s also snagged Bob, last name—like Sting—unnecessary, from Liquor Mart; Bob is a fount of wine recommendations and good natured assistance and a true steal from Liquor Mart.


Low-slung display cases make it easy to see

Lastly, it’s competition.  Liquor Mart has been besieged with rivals in recent years, including salvos from Superior Liquors and Bottles.  But no real ‘super store’ competition within Boulder city limits..until now.  Hazel’s digital pricing displays appear primed to instantly plunge upon news of a Liquor mart sale, and I’m all for price wars.  Let the games begin!





7 thoughts on “Hazel’s Beverage World is a whole new booze planet

  1. Not a Mustang, it’s a Corsair, mostly flown by the Marines. If you’re old enough to know Hazel’s then maybe you know Black Sheep Squadron? That’s what Pappy Boyington and his crew used.

    1. Rachel, you are right. I remember the show, liked it, and can’t believe I got it wrong. What’s cool is that they have the propeller turning during business hours! Thanks.

    1. Ken, I didn’t know they are solar powered, but that is extremely impressive. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Thanks for the news about Hazel’s, Allan. I was intimidated by the Superstore facade, but you’ve convinced me to give it a shot. Great photos.

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