What’s your Dreamstaurant?

The idea of a Korean BBQ restaurant tucked away on the west side of Pearl Street has been tugging at your dreams for years. The prepared-in-front-of-you menu and the powerful Korean spice aromas have been dancing around in your head since you spent last summer in South Korea. If it were up to you, the restaurant would be popping but two factors seem to plague you: money and the perfect design. Enter Tundra Restaurant Supply.

Pork belly & crab on rice cracker delights

On Thursday night, Tundra Restaurant Supply in Boulder hosted an event to promote their new competition, “What’s your Dreamstaurant?” The event, which starts October 1, will give one lucky restaurateur the chance to open their dream restaurant with the help of Tundra and their excellent design team headed by Jeff Katz. On top of having a great team help them out, the winner will also receive $20,000 from Tundra to help out with the start up of their restaurant. Restaurateurs looking to expand their current restaurant or home cooks looking to grow their kitchen are welcome to the competition as well. Two home cooks will even walk away with a $500 shopping spree at Tundra.

Upon being welcomed to Tundra, we were ushered over to the drink table for wine followed by food prepared

Crème fraîche panna cotta

by Top Chef star and Vail chef Kelly Liken and Denver molecular gastronomist, Ian Kleinmen. Did I mention they are also judging the competition? The food was impressive and the conversations were entertaining. After we were stuffed with crab, pork belly, and other delights, we were given a tour of Tundra. While the place does a good amount of business online for those looking to buy pots big enough to sleep in, anyone is welcome to come in and purchase things from the showroom.

In order to enter the contest, head over to Tundra and shoot them an email. You will be contacted to fill out a short survey about your dream restaurant and then the waiting period begins. There will be a few finalists that will then fill out another survey and the winner will be announced January 2013.

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