Boulder Food Trucks Ask for Less Regulation

Boulder food trucks are banding together to petition the local government to loosen the city’s food truck regulations. Currently, they are allowed to operate in Boulder, but are aiming to loosen regulations regarding operating downtown, where many of them would love to do business. Some of the current rules for Boulder food trucks include being 150-feet away from restaurants and residential districts and only being able to operate for four consecutive hours between 7am – 9pm), among others. These regulations are in place to try to keep both brick-and-mortar restaurants and food trucks happy. Truck owners and operators are asking the city to review their regulations and possibly change some of the ones that are keeping them from gaining the momentum and business they are looking for, but the city council does not have plans to review the regulations this year. If you would like to show support for the food trucks, you can sign their petition. (Full Daily Camera article here.)