The Taco Report: T/aco has untamed flavors ready to scarf

A feast for a human…or any discerning animal.

Once upon a time there was a bear that loved tacos. The bear loved tacos so much that he pursued them regardless of danger. So one day the hungry bear wandered into Boulder, confused by traffic, bewildered by loud noises, but hungry and determined. Soon he had ambled to the northwest corner of Walnut and Broadway, which is not a great spot for a bear, but is perfect for a taco lover. Despite his tremendous bulk, his nose was highly refined and delicate, and it had led him from miles beyond the Flatirons to T/aco, where he sensed that he was in for a treat.

He didn’t know how to pronounce “T/aco” (but then again, who does?), however, perhaps due to his massive size and long pointy teeth, he got a table immediately. Now you might wonder if the friendly workers at T/aco might run for their lives, but no, they just strap it on and go about their business.

Busy hands are the sign of hungry mouths.

Take, for instance, Peter Waters, the owner of T/aco and a former tech executive. Not only did Peter open T/aco five years ago, he still doggedly pursues improvement daily, a necessity when competition (and rent) are ever increasing. So, you have a hungry bear knocking over tables and sitting wherever he pleases? No worries, Peter just brings him a platter of chips, queso and a trio of salsas, then engages the huge mammal in conversation, telling him no matter how hungry he is, T/aco can handle it; on Taco Tuesdays they serve more than three thousand tapas-style tacos, each one encased in a non-GMO tortilla made on the premises. Sensing a receptive audience, Peter goes on to share how T/aco supports aspiring student-interns like Alice Ingledew, who is learning about restaurant marketing from behind both sides of the counter, acquiring hospitality job acquisition skills and is even tasked with creating a habanero-infused powdered margarita drink mix. Cool!

The bar can really hop!

But even a 600 pound Grizzly has listening limits, so before he gets hangry and begins eviscerating passers-by, Peter orders up a half dozen tacos for Big Ben, then stands back at a safe distance. The taco platter arrives, a fragrant mountain range of braised pork belly, roasted poblano peppers, fresh cilantro, grilled cotija cheese and tequila shrimp. With a groaning huff that scoots hot sauce bottles across the table, the bear paws the bounty into his churning maw. Soon, he is done and sits back, table littered with sauce, shreds and bits like a trailer park after a tornado. Satisfied for the moment, he releases a window-rattling belch and lumbers away in search of fresh honey or perhaps a comfy cave while the crew at T/aco gears up for the next wave of wild hungry animals; after all, it’s Taco Tuesday and Boulder is famished.

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  1. Awesome review! Now I’m hungry and I’m going to have to eat here for the first time ASAP!

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