Eureka Restaurant on Pearl Street is Now Open

The Eureka! restaurant in the new building at 1048 Pearl Street (the old Daily Camera site) is open as of Labor Day, 2016.

It is sometimes easy to predict what restaurants in Boulder will fail before their first birthday. The Pearl Street Steak Room was selling $80 steaks, Lyfe Kitchen was a super interesting restaurant with no atmosphere, and HBurger was a management mess from the start.

But the new Eureka! restaurant in Boulder has a pretty good chance of being around for years to come:

  • Beer & Whiskey: The restaurant specializes in unique beers and small-batch whiskeys. Ultimately, downtown Boulder full-service restaurants had better have a pretty good adult beverage offering or they are not long for the market.
  • Excellent Atmosphere: The restaurant is casual and friendly, with a long bar inside and a nice patio outside. Atmosphere, like drinks, always seems to be a make-it-or-break it issue.
  • Friendly Yet Professional: The wait staff – in fact all the staff – were without exception friendly and the management is clearly very professional. This is not a restaurant that is going to do itself in with mistakes.
  • Location: Located not only on Pearl Street but underneath the huge new offices of the 1048 Pearl building, there are several thousand potential customers waiting to be served in the same building.

Yes, Eureka! is a chain restaurant, which is not always a favorite of Boulderites. But with almost all their locations in California and no others in Colorado, it is new to us.

Ultimately, the fate of Eureka! will be decided on the food and prices. The emphasis is on burgers but with plenty of other options (steak, salmon, fish tacos, etc, etc) available. Plus, it is family friendly, a real plus for many diners. At a recent lunch, we found the food to be high quality and in generous portions for reasonable prices.

Don’t count your Napa Chicken Sandwich before your chickens are hatched but we expect Eureka! to be around a few years. It is certainly worth a visit.


Our writers were invited to attend a pre-launch lunch courtesy of the restaurant. The views expressed here are entirely our own.

Beer Flight


Fish Tacos


Kale Salad




2 thoughts on “Eureka Restaurant on Pearl Street is Now Open

  1. One thing I personally measure likelihood of success by (not to mention my own, personal enjoyment) is by the quality, freshness and size of an order of fries. Did you try some, and if so, how were they?
    ps. Excellent photos!

    1. Interesting you mention that. Our fish tacos came, interestingly enough, with a choice of fries or onion rings. The waiter said the onion rings were super special, so I got those. I don’t really like onion rings because they are almost all batter and no onion. I should have got the fries. I did see them on a neighboring table and they looked excellent.

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