Best Coffee Shops in Boulder … From an Outsider’s Viewpoint

We were pleased to receive an email from San Francisco Bay-area food and outdoors blogger Rad Sakalkale of The Snobby Foodie, mentioning a visit to Boulder and asking about guest posting on our site. Below is the result – a take on Boulder coffee shops from an outsider’s viewpoint. Thank you, Rad!


With hiking and outdoors culture rampant in Boulder, it’s important to get a caffeine fix at the start of your day. Here are some awesome coffee shops around town, and why they’re great.

For pastries: Boxcar Coffee Roasters

If you like delicate pastries, Boxcar is great. This location shares the space with Cured, which is a great place to pick up picnic items for your hike.

For great coffee/espresso: Alpine Modern Café

The baristas meticulously prepare your beverage, and the result is an excellent drink. They get their beans from Huckleberry Roasters from Denver, which is a great local roaster with unique flavor. While you’re at Alpine Modern Cafe, be sure to grab a bite.

Alpine Modern Cafe


For flavored drinks: Ozo

If you prefer flavored coffee drinks, Ozo offers a wide variety of options. The baristas are friendly and will work with you to find something you like.

Ozo Coffee

For a hang out spot: Trident Booksellers

If you’d like a spot with community, coffee, or a place that you can curl up with a good book, Trident is a comfy spot.

If you’re a tea person: Pekoe Sip House

This place has a wide variety of high quality teas, and (added bonus) they have bubble tea.

Pekoe Sip House