Taste of Pearl; pssst, follow me

Guy Who Knows: C’mere for a second, I got a hot tip.

Guy Who Does Not Know: “Me?”

GWK: Yeah, you…come here.  OK, listen up: so not everyone knows but this coming Sunday, April 13 is the 5th annual Taste of Pearl where chefs from around town and Colorado wineries combine forces to hook up 500 folks with…

GWDNK: “Only 500?”

GWK: Shhhh.  You want to start a riot?  It’s probably going to sell out, so keep it down and buy tickets here.  Anyway, like I was saying; the chefs, the wineries they’re throwing down some great food and wine parings for you to sample.

GWDNK: “Where and when?  I have to do laundry on Sunday morning.”

GWK: Downtown Boulder, from 2 to 6.  Plenty of time to scrub your duds and hit the show.  Participating restaurants include Oak, Aji, Jax, Flagstaff House, the new ‘Food at the Riverside’, and a bunch more.  Tickets are 75 bucks, and if history is a guide, they are likely to sell out.   Leave your kids with a nanny, and bring your ID.

Eat, drink, repeat.



GWDNK: “Oh man, that sounds great.  Can I buy bottles of wine, too?”

GWK: Of course, and at a discount.  They even have wine couriers who take all of your bottles to the Wine Check at 13th and Pearl until you are ready to leave the show.  It’s like a free wine Sherpa service.

GWDNK: “Welll…ummm, gosh….I don’t  know how to thank you.”

GWK: Fuggetaboutit.  Just go.  You’ll help downtown retailers, restaurants and local wineries, plus the Emergency Family Assistance Association, who gets a portion of the proceeds.  You’ll get awesome food, drink and a swag bag. But check out the website if you have more questions, will ya?  I gotta see a man about a horse.