Second Kitchen Food Co-op Opening in Boulder Next Week

Editors Note: This is a sneak peak of The Second Kitchen Food Co-op set to open next week.  Stay tuned for a piece next week detailing their grand opening!

Kickstarter projects range from purely philanthropic to the downright bizarre, and this week thanks to over 200 backers, the vision of three students 2 years ago becomes a reality here in Boulder.  The Second Kitchen (TSK) had humble origins in the small kitchen of co-founder Sara Brody and served as a CU-based bulk food-buying club, and is now expanding to open to the public.  Next Thursday September 5th, serves as the grand opening to their location at 9th and College (formerly Delilah’s Pretty Good Grocery).

TSK promises to offer products ranging from baked goods to duck eggs that are all sourced from Colorado.  TSK is also committed to sourcing their products from organic farms, even if the farm has not yet acquired organic status from the USDA.  Many of the farms will be familiar to anyone who wanders the Farmer’s Market on a routine basis- Oxford Gardens, Hazel Dell Mushrooms, Conscious Coffee, and Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy, but we are looking forward to seeing some smaller farms and their products.

For more information, check out their website or their Kickstarter page and stay tuned for more specifics on what they have to offer!  Their website also details membership pricing and benefits.