Mixology Makes a Comeback: New Documentary, Hey Bartender, Screens at The Dairy Center

After premiering at the South By Southwest Film Festival in Austin this past March, the documentary film, Hey Bartender, was similarly well received in New York City at The East Village Cinema! We are proud to announce that the film will be screening this week in Boulder at the Dairy Center for the Arts from 6/24-6/29!


The rebirth of cocktail culture has been a prominent trend within the last couple of years and we’ve definitely seen the art of mixology here in Boulder elevate our bar and restaurant scene to a destination in its own right.  With the immense popularity of bartending competitions like Boulder’s Best Mixologist and our outstanding selection of local distilleries like 303 Vodka and Roundhouse Spirits, Boulderites have a distinct fondness for carefully crafted drinks that could be heralded as a piece of art. It seems that we are on trend, as this documentary delves into the immaculate craft of mixology and those that strive to make a career of this form of art.


Tonight, The Dairy Center will premier the documentary and host a fun competition including mixologists from several of Boulder’s best cocktailiers including Black Cat, Frasca, The Kitchen, Oak, Qs, and Salt all trying their hand at creating a new drink using locally distilled Sno Vodka!


Make sure you check out the film while it’s still in town, and stop by The Dairy this evening for more excitement!


5:30 PM

$45 tickets



Also, check out The Daily Camera’s take (from one of our very own contributors, Tyra!)

2 thoughts on “Mixology Makes a Comeback: New Documentary, Hey Bartender, Screens at The Dairy Center

  1. Thanks Juliet!

    We actually did post the story yesterday! I only wish that we had gotten the info out for it earlier so that we could have helped promote more!

    I love all of your insight on the event..it sounds like it was tons of fun!

    Thank you for your comment, we love hearing input from our readers!


  2. It was a great event-but it was last night (June 24) not tonight! The movie does run this week. The documentary has a dramatic arc and you will be rooting for the passionate professionals that are profiled. The cocktail competition that was held ahead of the “premier” was extremely well attended yet there was never much of a wait to taste as their were six drink stations as well as an extra food and (thankfully) water station.
    My favorite concoction was presented by the bar man from Q’s restaurant and featured the local vodka (Sno) mixed with a Colorado late harvest wine, house made mint soda, flowers and a few other ingredients. The “winner” cocktail was from Salt, an interesting combo of rosemary, vodka, red beet simple syrup and yogurt. All of the bar professionals were excited to share their recipe development process. For example the bartender from Frasca had such a smart take on her mix: a cooling cucumber, vodka, elderflower syrup blend that worked as a transition from springtime to summertime drink. Such fun, and a bargain at $40 (pre-sale price) that even included popcorn for the flick!

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