Dishcrawl Tours Pearl Street for Boulder’s Tastiest Eats

It’s not surprising that Dishcrawl decided to set its sights on Boulder’s Pearl Street for an upcoming foodie safari. The international start-up visits renowned food-centric cities, guiding a walking tour through some of the most innovative and delicious eats that they have to offer. Having visited cities like San Francisco, Toronto, New York and Philadelphia, Dishcrawl obviously has a well refined palate and high standards; In my opinion, its unlikely that Boulder will disappoint.

The crawl will focus on four, yet to be defined eateries, connecting Boulder foodies to several of the numerous restaurants we find condensed within Boulder’s down town. Tickets will cost you a measly $45, and what will you glean? Not just an evening full of culinary excitement and exploration, but a greater sense of personal connection to your local food community. We can’t wait to find out where we’ll be conducting our culinary adventures, and we hope to have you join us!

The crawl will take place February 20th at 7pm and you can still get your tickets at:

Twitter: @DishcrawlBou


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  1. Thanks, Shannon! Pretty impressive that Boulder can hang with places like San Francisco and New York! Looking forward to the Dishcrawl.

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