Boulder’s First Caffeine Crawl- Coffee Connoisseurs Unite September 8th

Attention Boulder Area Coffee connoisseurs!

This coming Saturday, September the 8th, join Boulder’s first Caffeine Crawl in a guided tour through some of Boulder’s finest roasters. Attendees will get a behind-the-scenes peek at the fascinating process behind the tedious task of creating a divine crema and pulling a shot of perfectly nutty, smooth espresso!

Heightening the experience of café culture and consumption of coffee to that of a fine beer or wine tasting, the Caffeine Crawl aims to facilitate a relationship between locally owned, artisan roasters and both infrequent passive drinkers and passionate connoisseurs of coffee.

The tour includes Boxcar Coffee Roasters, The Cup : Espresso Cafe, The Laughing Goat Coffeehouse, Ozo Coffee, and Piece, Love and Chocolate, culminating in a caffeine driven after party at Foolish Craig’s for a post-crawl raffle, espresso shots of Boca Java and Boulder Organic coffees.

As a passionate coffee lover, and daily consumer of the beverage, I am excited not only to see the process behind my favorite morning (and afternoon) drink, but to meet and passionately rant with my fellow coffee devotees. I find that coffee lovers share a certain passion and eccentricity with that of sommeliers and brew-masters, I would love to see coffee culture immerge in this community in a similar way!

“There are a lot of events out there to promote baristas, roasters and the farmers, but very few if any that have successfully incorporated the customers. Without the customers there’s no specialty coffee. There are a lot of geeky coffee drinkers and home roasters out there, but it’s difficult to go to a good shop, sit without rushing, and chat with the barista or shop owner. Bars are set up for that, not coffee shops. The Crawl gives individuals a chance to get on stage with the professionals, meet them, learn from them, and get a taste of the business and craft.”

-Jason Burton; Creative Mastermind behind the Crawl Concept/ Arbiter of Caffeine Culture

The Caffeine Crawl has already become an established event in larger cities like San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York and LA. Although these cities differ in scale, I know that Boulder can support an event like the Crawl. Our community is fast to embrace artisan culture of wine, food, and beer, so coffee is an obvious next step! I find that roasters in our area are just a progressive as some that I’ve experienced in decisively larger cities, and thus just as committed to refining their brew and transcending the mediocrity of many national chains.


There are a limited number of tickets available and they can be purchased here.