Tastes on the Terrace at The Flagstaff House; You Won’t Soon Forget

Leafing through a forgotten cookbook, a recipe from your childhood falls out on yellowed parchment; you make it and it tastes like home, flooding your senses with nostalgia and comfort.  An old friend calls, and your breath hitches as you recall fond memories.  You pull a pair of missing jeans out from behind the dresser and find a fifty in the pocket.

Tastes as good as it looks...



And then…you go to the Flagstaff House for Tastes on the Terrace.  It just seems like a good thing to do, you know?  Everything is going so damned right, falling into place, syncing up…and it has all involved re-visiting old favorites, or re-exploring the past.

DD: Pretty in pink


The thing is, Flagstaff House never went away.  Your memories of outlandishly good service—as though you were on a mythical Titanic, one that had all of the lush opulence but none of the sinking—are spot on.  Yes, your water never has a chance to drain, or your fork to clatter to the ground without instant replacement, nor your questions, whims or demands to be met with anything but utter competence and genteel charm.  And just as you recall, the views, the ambiance, the wine list and of course, the food remains Capital Letter Good.

You go with Detroit Dancer (DD) on a warm night in late July; you know, Boulder’s wettest July in recent memory?  But the weather stays dry, you sit on the patio, high above the city, smelling the pine trees, feeling the sun spread its soft fuzzy rays on the deck, and adding to the magic of this iconic place.  The diners and drinkers are well spaced for people watching and private discussions, with just the occasional clink of glasses or snatch of banter carried on a gentle mountain breeze. Smiles bloom and volleys of laughter infuse the air.  Here a father and daughter blissfully acknowledging that, yes, CU will be her choice, how could it not?,  and there, a  silver-haired couple gaze serenely into the distance.  You order exotic cocktails, like a Dark & Stormy, and you are plied with the occasional appetizer or treat, complements of the chef.

3 snacks, all in a row

You nosh on a steady stream of things like a crispy soft egg served with asparagus, morel mushrooms and truffle polenta, oysters on the half shell, and a charcuterie of artisan cheeses, medjool dates and fresh walnut raisin bruschetta.  DD, pretty in pink and a food connoisseur of high regard, is clearly enjoying what Flagstaff folk are up to.  And  you are grinning and, and you are nodding.


Just then, right in front of you a pair of women—one with eyes so cornflower blue that the whole patio seems to pause as she glides by— take the last table on the patio.  You realize you are staring, but DD smiles her incredible smile, and her whole demeanor captures this sentiment: Tastes on the Terrace at Flagstaff House is a timeless event to be savored, and that includes the views.   So soak everything up while you can…because while Flagstaff House will endure, the time for Tastes on the Terrace and memory making is now.

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