Jalino’s Pizza – Not Just For Students

Jalino’s Pizza restaurant is ideally located for students. The 17th & Arapahoe location is across the street from Boulder High School and down the hill from the University of Colorado.

However, it is no secret among residents of the area that Jalino’s produces some of the best pizza in Boulder. In fact, go in for a pizza pickup on any evening and you are as likely to find a father and son as you are young adults from CU.

Jalino’s has been serving pizza in the same location since 1986 when building owner Jay Wolkowiski needed to fill the space and figured a pizza parlor would do the trick. Jay hired Tim Dixway to run the shop and four years later Dixway bought the place. He has been managing on-site ever since.

Jalino’s serves a variety of Italian food, including sandwiches, salads, and desserts. However, the pizza is what the restaurant does best and this all starts with the sauce. Granted, most Italian places will tell you their sauce is special but at Jalino’s, the sauce makes the pizza.

“I think our sauce is better than most because we make it every day and we use good quality tomatoes”, explains owner Dixway. “I also think it is better because I made it to my taste a little spicy.” And flavorful it is – not too spicy but enough to make you notice after that first bite.

While the restaurant serves lots of cheese or pepperoni pizzas, it also boasts some healthy options. “We have had tofu and whole wheat dough on our menu for quite a long time”, says Dixway. “We sell a lot of vegi pizzas and have a bunch of different options.” So if you are into pizza but not into grease dripping from the cardboard box, Jalino’s is your place. [See the photo on top: A healthy pizza from Jalino’s – with spinach and tofu on whole wheat crust, half with no cheese.}

Cardboard boxes are how most of the pizzas are served. The restaurant has a few countertops for eating inside but most people tend to order for pickup or delivery.

Jalino’s has such a great product that, as part of the interview for this article, I asked Tim Dixway whether he had considered opening more restaurants. “I have never wanted to own a chain of restaurants. I just want to have a good neighborhood place.”

It’s nice to live in the neighborhood.

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  1. The floppy, NY style thin crust is excellent, and with LiquorMart close by (for Upslope IPA, for instance) Jalino’s is perfectly positioned. Is it bad that the thought of grease dripping from the box makes me hungry?

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