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[Editor’s Note: post slightly updated from its original publication in March, 2012. The sentiments still apply.]

When we launched EDB in February, we felt we had what it takes to cover the Boulder Food and Drink scene. Boy, were we wrong.

There is so much incredible activity going on every DAY in Boulder’s restaurants, markets, farms and stores, it is a luxury of riches. Not only are there amazing culinary delights from all corners of the globe, but there is also ground-breaking new work being done by passionate chefs, mixologists, artisanal producers, and farmers. Put simply, you can get a great meal, but you can also learn a ton about your tastes, your food, your world and yourself.

The innovative professionals in the Boulder scene are all eager for you to try their wares. As with all great historical hotbeds (think ancient Athens for philosophy, Silicon Valley in technology) there exists a powerful ecosystem of cross-pollination, mutual discovery and respectful competition among Boulder’s comestibles creators. (Socrates actually thumb-wrestled Plato for fun.) It’s our mission to help them get their word out, to help the community find new pleasures, sustenance, people and good times.

Our writer’s views are objective and honest. If we feel an establishment is falling short, we say so. We’ve called out several restaurants since we launched which have led to healthy discussions, which in turn resulted in followup stories that expanded the initial opinion.

Right now, we are looking for more excellent Boulder writers, specifically but not limited to those wishing to cover wine, beer, spirits, and farms. If you have a taste for one of these and some background, and you are a good writer, send us a note and we’d love to talk. When you write for us, there i no cash compensation,we do put you in touch with great people and places through our assignment wire, get you hooked up with promotional events, and get your work in front of our growing readership. We also get together as a team once a month and have some fun over good food and drinks. If that sounds up your alley, send a few writing samples with a short cover letting us know where you are coming from.

It’s cool if you just want to Facebook about what you’re eating and drinking, but if you want a forum where you can kick your writing and photography up a notch, let us know. We’ve got a fun team that loves to thumb wrestle.


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