Arapahoe & Broadway Vacancy Filled…Finally!

You know that brick building that sits at the northeast corner of the Broadway/Arapahoe intersection (no, not the gas station…the building just to the north of that)? The one that has been vacant for over SIX YEARS?! It’s finally getting a tenant! The plan is to create a space called “Broadwalk on the Creek”, which will house a cafe, office and co-working spaces, and a mini-theater (for music, art shows, etc). Plans include impending building renovations with the possibility of geting spaces leased in August, as well as the addition of residential units and a rooftop garden to the third level in 2013. From everyone at EDB (and I think I can safely say from every person in town who frequently drives by that building)…best of luck!! Read the full (and much more informative) Daily Camera article here.