The Taco Report: T/aco has untamed flavors ready to scarf

Once upon a time there was a bear that loved tacos. The bear loved tacos so much that he pursued them regardless of danger. So one day the hungry bear wandered into Boulder, confused by traffic, bewildered by loud noises, but hungry and determined. Soon he had ambled to the northwest corner of Walnut and […]

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Tequila, Tacos, Bikes, and Beer: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I had a boyfriend in high school with the savant-like ability to flip a word on its side and pronounce it by its backward spelling, and fast.  I can never seem to line up the letters that quickly; lucky for me, beer is a four-letter word, so REEB, Oskar Blues’ bike outfit, rolls off my […]

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Comida: Street-Style Food found in Longmont’s Upscale Cantina

My recent move to Boulder from Austin, Texas left me with a serious withdrawal from Mexican food, and of course, margaritas. Research and word of mouth led me directly to the front door of Comida, a Mexican food restaurant in Longmont, only a hop and a skip away from Boulder. If you’ve seen a brightly […]

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Hole-in-the-Wall, part 2: La Choza

What do Shaquille O’Neal and La Choza have in common?  Tell ya in a minute, but first let’s consider what they don’t share.  The former basketball player is slightly more than seven feet tall.  La Choza is a tiny Pop-Tart of a food stand whose roof is barely six feet tall.  See the short guy in […]

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