A New Standard, Still Wild

In the last year many a Pearl Street boulevardier may have peeked inquiringly into the doorway at Wild Standard, Bradford Heap’s high end seafood establishment, only to feel daunted by its exclusive seafood menu and a “dim sum style” table service that took some serious risks.  (See our previous post on Wild Standard’s changes.) The […]

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Merroir, Merroir on the Shell: Boutique Oysters at Jax

When the offer came in from Jax Seafood to try one of their exclusive “custom-bred oysters”, I did a double take. Did the press release actually say these oysters were “created” in the Rappahannock River, by cousins who had “resurrected” their family oyster fishery? (Yes, it did). What have we here?, I wondered. Has farm-fishing […]

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Beyond Saigon — Asian Seafood Market is All That and More

Rumor has it that Boulder is #1 for being ranked #1 in various “best of” lists (“Looks best naked!” “Most trust funds per capita!” “More marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks!”). However, it doesn’t usually win many awards for ethnic diversity.  Which isn’t to say that there aren’t people from all over the world living beneath the […]

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