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A New Standard, Still Wild

In the last year many a Pearl Street boulevardier may have peeked inquiringly into the doorway at Wild Standard, Bradford Heap’s high end seafood establishment, only to feel daunted by its exclusive seafood menu and a “dim sum style” table service that took some serious risks.  (See our previous post on Wild Standard’s changes.) The […]

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Eureka Restaurant on Pearl Street is Now Open

The Eureka! restaurant in the new building at 1048 Pearl Street (the old Daily Camera site) is open as of Labor Day, 2016. It is sometimes easy to predict what restaurants in Boulder will fail before their first birthday. The Pearl Street Steak Room was selling $80 steaks, Lyfe Kitchen was a super interesting restaurant with […]

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Eureka! No Crap on Tap in Former Daily Camera Location

We have all been waiting to see what public spaces are upcoming in the new building on the former Daily Camera site on west Pearl Street. We recently received a press release about a new restaurant, Eureka!, that will be opening September 5th. It is not typical we rehash press releases here at Eat Drink […]

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Bijou’s Brings the Little Curry Shop to Boulder

   I’ve always been a huge fan of a good curry, the complexity and depth of flavor are at once delightfully exotic and surprisingly comforting…like a wonderful home-cooked dish. Eat Drink Boulder has taken an interest in the topic as well, we even held a head-to-head testing of all Indian food establishments in Boulder a […]

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Ball Aerospace engineer fights the battle of the fizz so you don’t have to

How many aerospace engineers does it take to keep a beer from spilling? This question is answered by one microbrew-loving Ball Aerospace engineer, who took his frustrations with flat beer and developed a product that is saving countless beers with his product, Pop&Stop. Pop&Stop is a handy 2-in-1 beer opener and sealer that CEO Joe Hackel […]

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Quick Picks for Summer Brews

Summertime fun is here. Just as you’re about to heat up the grill for some delicious summer fare, you’re probably wondering what you should drink while you sweat the day away with friends and family. Have no fear; here are some highlights of what’s brewing in the realm of light and fruity easy-drinking (or sipping) […]

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The Goat Had a Baby!

If you’re looking for one of my signature elaborately scathing reviews, read no further. This will yield you no satisfaction. This article is designed for those of you who, like me, have 3 or 4 jobs, all of which involve sitting down for hours on end, staring at computer screens and jotting down notes. For […]

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You Can Believe in The Yellow Deli

Religion, politics, taxes, crunchy or smooth peanut butter; some topics are too emotional and wired with explosives to discuss with anyone you don’t know very well, and even then, only with caution, an open mind and a carbon fiber blast shield. And that notion is one of the things that make Yellow Deli (roughly 9th […]

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Dishcrawl: Uniting a Community Through Taste and Shared Experience

Dishcrawl conducts tours in cities throughout the US and Canada that have a distinct and lively food culture and appreciation. By selecting a local ambassador to choose the restaurants and guide the tour, they stay true to local taste and idiosyncrasies.   It’s no secret that Boulder’s food and beer culture dominate local taste; knowing […]

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Dishcrawl Tours Pearl Street for Boulder’s Tastiest Eats

It’s not surprising that Dishcrawl decided to set its sights on Boulder’s Pearl Street for an upcoming foodie safari. The international start-up visits renowned food-centric cities, guiding a walking tour through some of the most innovative and delicious eats that they have to offer. Having visited cities like San Francisco, Toronto, New York and Philadelphia, […]

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Student Eats – HBurger

Award-winning burger bistro, HBurger, has brought their culinary creations from Denver to Boulder’s own Pearl Street. With the addition of the Boulder location, HBurger now has 3 different restaurants. The interior sports a very modern rustic look, including a long bar countertop with a huge open grill. Large ‘H’ signs decorate the walls, reminiscent of […]

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Boulder’s First Caffeine Crawl- Coffee Connoisseurs Unite September 8th

Attention Boulder Area Coffee connoisseurs! This coming Saturday, September the 8th, join Boulder’s first Caffeine Crawl in a guided tour through some of Boulder’s finest roasters. Attendees will get a behind-the-scenes peek at the fascinating process behind the tedious task of creating a divine crema and pulling a shot of perfectly nutty, smooth espresso! Heightening […]

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