happy hour

Emmerson “Neo-Bistro” Builds on Community – And Delivers CA Wildfire Relief

Walking into Emmerson in downtown Boulder is a delightful experience. It’s inviting, relaxing, warm, soothing and, immediately, and, almost impatiently, let’s you know you’re in for a treat. The ambiance is modern but retro and the simplicity is perfectly apportioned for Happy Hour allure, as I walked in to meet a friend who I haven’t seen in far too […]

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Over the Moon for Under the Sun

Incoming bombs shriek by, exploding with terrifying cracks and booms. You dive for cover in the gritty trench, gasping and wondering if you will live through the night, much less kiss your lover, or even drink another beer. And in that scary moment, your brain actually slows down and considers the seemingly arbitrary notion: Your […]

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Really Happy Happy Days (not Hours)

Who doesn’t love a good happy hour? And when that hour happens to last all day…well, that calls for a blog post! There are a few places around Boulder that offer all-day happy hours, where you can load up on great food and drinks, and when the bill comes, you (and your wallet) will definitely […]

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