Who Thought Shopping Could Be So Fun

When was the last time you took a leisurely stroll through your local grocery store, enjoying a nice cold beer while perusing the aisles? If you live in Colorado, the answer is never. Until now. On April 6th, Lucky’s Market held a celebration in their South Boulder store, at 695 South Broadway. The celebration kicked […]

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The Second Kitchen- A Paradigm Shift in the Sustainable Food Model

If I received a dollar for every time I heard or read the term “sustainable,” I could probably make a living just walking around Boulder and reading the blurbs found on grocery store walls and restaurant menus.  But what does sustainable truly mean in the context of food?  For some, sustainable food would entail utilizing […]

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Second Kitchen Food Co-op Opening in Boulder Next Week

Editors Note: This is a sneak peak of The Second Kitchen Food Co-op set to open next week.  Stay tuned for a piece next week detailing their grand opening! Kickstarter projects range from purely philanthropic to the downright bizarre, and this week thanks to over 200 backers, the vision of three students 2 years ago […]

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World Food Tour Part Two: Land of the Super Gyros

Rather than watching news commentators bicker about what’s going on in the Middle East, we should all go share a gyro at Salem Garni’s Mediterranean Market and Deli.  We could argue about the origins of baba ganouj (Turkey? Lebanon?), or whether Halal meat tastes any different than meat processed the western way. Or we could […]

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Beyond Saigon — Asian Seafood Market is All That and More

Rumor has it that Boulder is #1 for being ranked #1 in various “best of” lists (“Looks best naked!” “Most trust funds per capita!” “More marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks!”). However, it doesn’t usually win many awards for ethnic diversity.  Which isn’t to say that there aren’t people from all over the world living beneath the […]

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Grocery Store Dancing!

Lucky’s Market is collaborating with Helander Dance Theater and the Dairy Center for the Arts to put on a series of dance performances called “Happenstance”. The performances take place in the store itself, and a video will be produced (and later shown at the Dairy Center) to capture shoppers’ reactions and interactions. Head over to […]

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The Synthesis of Sprouts and Sunflower

Local chain Sunflower Farmers Market has signed a merger deal to become part of Phoenix Arizona-based Sprouts Farmers Market. All stores will do business under the Sprouts name, and will be headquartered in Phoenix. Together, the merged companies will operate about 139 stores and employ about 10,000 people across the country. Full story here.

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Straight from the Official Mouths: Trader Joe’s is Definitely Coming to Boulder

Now it’s official… Trader Joe’s is definitely opening its first Colorado store right here in Boulder. It will occupy a 14,000 square-foot space where Applebee’s currently stands (1906 28th St.). Although the store will join an already packed field of Boulder grocery operations, it seems that the city is very excited to welcome Trader Joe’s […]

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