Eureka! – Crooked Stave Dinner Excels

The right venue, the right menu, paired with the right craft beers, leads to more than harmony; it can lead one plus one to equal three. Unique contributions by a beer can reveal new facets of familiar foods, and the true artistry of a beer can breathe anew between bites of seasoned morsels. This is […]

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Eureka Restaurant on Pearl Street is Now Open

The Eureka! restaurant in the new building at 1048 Pearl Street (the old Daily Camera site) is open as of Labor Day, 2016. It is sometimes easy to predict what restaurants in Boulder will fail before their first birthday. The Pearl Street Steak Room was selling $80 steaks, Lyfe Kitchen was a super interesting restaurant with […]

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Eureka! No Crap on Tap in Former Daily Camera Location

We have all been waiting to see what public spaces are upcoming in the new building on the former Daily Camera site on west Pearl Street. We recently received a press release about a new restaurant, Eureka!, that will be opening September 5th. It is not typical we rehash press releases here at Eat Drink […]

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