Boulder Beer – There’s a New Chef in Town

If you haven’t been to Boulder Beer recently (or ever), this is a call for action! EDB was recently invited to experience Boulder’s iconic and newly remodelled location on Wilderness Place and, of course, we gladly accepted. As the afternoon unfolded, we found a quite a few more big surprises along the way. The quick readout is that […]

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24 Carrot-A Gem Uncovered

There is life outside of the Boulder Bubble, and it shines in places like 24 Carrot. Located just 30 minutes away, in historic downtown Erie, 24 Carrot is a hidden gem. Named East County’s Best New Restaurant by the Boulder Weekly, 24 Carrot doesn’t disappoint. Shortly before six, on a blustery Monday night, the dining […]

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Sugar Pine Inspires with their Farm-to-Plate Chef’s Dinner

Culinary creativity was at the forefront of Sugar Pine’s most recent Farm to Plate dinner at The Lyon’s Farmette. Executive Chef Carrie Grenier bubbled over with excitement as she personally addressed the dinner crowd, conveying her complete devotion to good product in the culmination of her dishes with an enthusiasm and passion that I rarely […]

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Arugula Bar e Ristorante: A Harmonious Helping of Delicious in Boulder

Ask Boulderites what they care most about when choosing a restaurant and you’re sure to get a variety of responses and considerations. Is the food healthy? Are the ingredients local and organic? Is the food made with sustainability in mind? Will I be supporting local businesses and suppliers by eating here? Is the restaurant dynamic […]

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CineCHEF: An Upscale Take on Dinner and a Movie

The combo of “dinner and a movie” will never go out of style. However, the “same old” can get boring. In its second year, as part of the Boulder International Film Festival, CineCHEF is a creative iteration of “dinner and a movie.” A gourmet culinary experience, CineCHEF showcases chefs from some of Boulder’s most recognized restaurants. […]

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Sancho’s Gives Reason to Eat Steak

People often ask me why I don’t eat beef. I simply don’t like the texture and taste. However, the Plato de Carne Asada at Sancho’s is the exception to my beef avoidance. Sancho’s is a small, Mexican restaurant hidden in the shopping center on Iris and 28th by the DMV. It used to be called […]

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Field to Vase Tour Promises a Delightful Al-Fresco Experience

An interesting twist on the farm to table movement is taking place this Saturday, July 18th, as the national Field to Vase tour arrives in the Boulder area. Enjoy an evening of al-fresco dining, seated directly in the fields where your dinner ingredients were sourced while also incorporating the beauty and elegance of floral arrangements from the surrounding fields. With a NY Times […]

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Snout to Tail Dinner at Salt

Salt will be hosting a “Snout to Tail” dinner on April 16th. Participants will be treated to an eight course meal that will utilize all parts of the pig, and all courses will also be paired with beer. Ticket prices are $88, and you’ll need a reservation if you’d like to join: 303-444-7258. Full menu […]

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