An Evening of Beer and Chocolate

This year’s Great American Beer Festival (GABF) has ended. The event is always a good place to learn about beer, taste great beers from around the world, and meet brewers and beer lovers. GABF, however, is more than one large party at the Colorado Convention Center. Many pre-GABF events occur in and around Denver. One […]

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Cholaca – An Innovation in Chocolate

As with most of my favorite articles, I had absolutely no idea what Cholaca was when I agreed to meet Ira Leibtag at my local coffee shop, Tod’s, in Gunbarrel Sitting down with Ira is very much akin to talking with a real life human energy drink. Don’t expect Ira to calmly, painstakingly  explain in great detail what he does or why […]

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Staying Happy, Healthy, and Socially Connected; How to Evade the Winter Blues

Fortunately, in Boulder, gorgeous blue skies often accompany our snowy winter days. However, the initial fervent excitement that ski season brings tends to wear its welcome come mid-March, when we yearn for consistently warm days. Memories of the sun’s heat and that telltale scent of the trees that wafts over the Front Range once the […]

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Valentine’s Day, Boulder-Style

Valentine’s Day. A day filled to the brim with heart shaped boxes of chocolate (or maybe in Boulder’s case, heart shaped boxes of kale chips), dozens upon dozens of red roses, and bags of tasteless conversation hearts. For those looking to do something special on this day of love, we have put together a list of places with Valentine’s Day […]

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Cool Girls Drink Beer

My love for Colorado knows no bounds.  Notwithstanding the obvious (cowboys, 300+ days of sunshine, tiny towns perched way up high), there just happens to be a special breed of gal making her way in the Centennial State.  And, unlike some of their more carb-conscious sisters across the globe, these ladies drink beer.  And really, […]

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Hosea Rosenberg: Top Chef winner still at the top of his game

  These days, it’s hard to turn on the television without being forced to navigate channel after channel of idiotic reality shows glorifying the least attractive aspects of human society.  I am as guilty as the next person of “getting stuck” on one or two of these programs, yet my greatest vice when it comes […]

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Piece, (Coffee, Beer, Spices) Love & Chocolate

Last week, I was asked, along with a few other writers from Eat Drink Boulder, to go on a local food tour on and around Pearl street. Seeing as how two of my biggest passions in life are food and writing, I was thrilled to oblige. The food tour was put on by the Denver-based […]

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Healthy Boulder Chocolate!

Chocolate.  Milk, dark, white, with dried fruit, nuts, decadent, satisfying, melt in your mouth…….just a few descriptions for the thoughts that come to mind.  It is known as a high calorie, high fat treat that has been around since early civilizations.  Research with dark chocolate has come out in recent years that dark chocolate is […]

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