Emmerson “Neo-Bistro” Builds on Community – And Delivers CA Wildfire Relief

Walking into Emmerson in downtown Boulder is a delightful experience. It’s inviting, relaxing, warm, soothing and, immediately, and, almost impatiently, let’s you know you’re in for a treat. The ambiance is modern but retro and the simplicity is perfectly apportioned for Happy Hour allure, as I walked in to meet a friend who I haven’t seen in far too […]

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The Frothy Five: Beer in Boulder’s Weekly Craft Brewery Events

We’re saying a big happy birthday to multiple Boulder County craft breweries in this week’s Frothy Five presented by Beer in Boulder! From longstanding Boulder staples to new and exciting breweries, every craft brewery anniversary and birthday is a celebration of and testament to the innovative and thriving craft culture of our county. Cheers to many […]

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Arugula Bar e Ristorante: A Harmonious Helping of Delicious in Boulder

Ask Boulderites what they care most about when choosing a restaurant and you’re sure to get a variety of responses and considerations. Is the food healthy? Are the ingredients local and organic? Is the food made with sustainability in mind? Will I be supporting local businesses and suppliers by eating here? Is the restaurant dynamic […]

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Boulder’s Organic Sandwich Company

To the Organic Sandwich Company here in Boulder at the corner of Pearl and 16th, a sandwich is much more than just a couple slices of bread packed with meat, cheese, and greens. Instead, their sandwiches are representations in and of themselves of the Organic Sandwich Company – whose mission is to provide authentic, organic […]

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Ella, a New and Decidedly American Style Eatery Looks to Transform North Boulder

This June, Ella, a refined and devotedly American diner, will open in the heart of North Boulder. The spot currently occupied by Radda Trattoria will soon be home to the new eatery. Edwin Zoe, the restauranteur and mastermind behind the beloved Zoe Ma Ma on Pearl Street channels his “love of rooted, regional dishes” into […]

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Parkway Cafe: It’s Democratic!

          Baby Boomers love the “throw back”, aka the “rehash”, which is basically a nostalgic backwards glance at seemingly great things from their past.  The first cast of SNL, flights that arrived and took off on time, quiche, cheap gas. Generation X’ers and other newer humans kind of nod and roll […]

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You Can Believe in The Yellow Deli

Religion, politics, taxes, crunchy or smooth peanut butter; some topics are too emotional and wired with explosives to discuss with anyone you don’t know very well, and even then, only with caution, an open mind and a carbon fiber blast shield. And that notion is one of the things that make Yellow Deli (roughly 9th […]

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Absurdly Good Stuffin’ Muffins: Thanksgiving Any Time of the Year

For many years, I skipped the stuffing. I thought I didn’t like it, and so I loaded my plate with mostly everything else–a bit of turkey, both colors of spuds, something green, and a dollop of cranberry sauce.  As family Thanksgivings morphed into “orphan” Thanksgivings or Friendsgivings, I boldly ventured into stuffing-landia after witnessing my […]

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Hole In The Wall, pt.1: Village Coffee Shop

Boulder has evolved into a destination for dining, and it deserves it.  But there is more to life than dining, right?  There’s eating.  You know, just disregarding everything but the chow.  I hope to show you a few divey type places that you may have missed, starting today.  Not the fanciest, not the latest, but sometimes […]

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David Cohen: Spruce Confections and other treats

She is beautiful and slightly intimidating with her sleek yoga body and lush brown hair. She pushes the oversized sunglasses up, though, and slowly she surveys the cherry red tables, overflowing flower beds and criss cross of shade and sun. Your eyes meet hers, she’s smiling, and you know she likes your choice…your style. Well, […]

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I’ll be honest. As a longtime lover of low down diners and greasy spoons, I was a bit skeptical of the wave of hipster-chic breakfast places that are sprouting up in Boulder. I usually want a good cup of joe, an omelette, some decent hash browns and the time and space to scan the paper […]

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