Georgia Boys in Longmont is the Real BBQ Deal

You might already be familiar with Georgia Boys BBQ in Longmont. But you are likely not familiar with the company’s backstory nor with their new, expanded location. Georgia Boys owners Nick Reckinger and Matt Alexander got into the BBQ business in a roundabout way. Authentic Georgia Boys, it wasn’t until the pair were laid off […]

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The Frothy Five: Beer in Boulder’s Weekly Craft Brewery Events

It’s a high-energy week at Boulder County’s craft breweries! In this week’s Frothy Five, presented by Beer in Boulder, we have live music, Pilates, a samba party, and more, all events that will get local craft brewery patrons up, moving, and grooving while they enjoy their favorite Boulder brews. Here are Beer in Boulder’s picks […]

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Boulder’s West End Tavern delivers big, bold flavors on BBQ & Bourbon

Spring is here and beer and bourbon are flowing at The West End Tavern, a great place to start if you’re looking for a stiff drink and a piece of meat in Boulder. With 25 taps and 75 whiskeys on the menu, ordering can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily for you, we’re here to walk you […]

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The Ghost BBQ & Spirits – Worth Trying Even When Not At The Boulder Theater

The Ghost BBQ & Spirits has taken over the space previously occupied by George’s, immediately adjacent and connected to the Boulder Theater. As we previously wrote about George’s over four years ago, it is not easy in this space to create a restaurant that becomes anything other than a Boulder Theater afterthought for both locals and […]

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Fast Casual Faves – Moe’s Better

Our town is an unusual one, sporting more-than-its-share of contradictions and oddball behavior— that is widely known. And one such quirk is that, while on the one hand we support a colossal percentage of vegetarian, non-dairy, all-organic glutards, we simultaneously have a relenteless appetite for things that (arguably) aren’t so…ummm…health conscious. Beer. Ice cream. Meat. […]

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Student Eats – The Rib House

A friend of mine, originally from Texas, recently told me that when she has a serious craving for comfort food, the restaurants on the hill just don’t cut it. Well I can now tell her to look no further, because The Rib House has moved from One Boulder Plaza to their new location on the […]

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Boar Ribs with Whiskey BBQ Sauce

Boar ribs with Whiskey BBQ 2 qt ketchup 2 white onions (burn the heck out of them) 1/4 cup brown sugar 1 cup cider vinegar 1/4 cup lemon juice  3/4 cups molasses 1/4 cup worcestershire sauce 1 oz liquid smoke 1 oz dry mustard 1 oz garlic powder 1 oz black pepper 1/4cup red hot […]

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Mexican In Your Backyard

Ants are crawling out of the sidewalk cracks in little brown volcanoes.  The crab apple blooms have long since opened, broken free and floated to yards far away.  Dogs are high-stepping from blistering concrete to cool grass.  Something is up.  I think its called “Summer”, even though the calendar says April. When the heat rolls […]

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Daddy Bruce’s Bar-B-Que is Closing

The iconic Boulder landmark Daddy Bruce’s Bar-B-Que will be closing its doors at the end of next week after over 30 years in operation. The small restaurant has been owned and operated by 85-year-old Bruce Randolph Jr., who opened the establishment long ago to pay homage to his father, Bruce Randolph (the owner of the […]

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