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You can contact any of our staff by using the email address firstname@eatdrinkboulder.com (except Allan Parr, who can be reached at firstlast@eatdrinkboulder.com).

Allan ParrAllan Parr
If you want to know about Allan, close your eyes and bite into a perfect steak sandwich. Savor it. Now, keeping your peepers squeezed shut, take a sizable swig of cold IPA, and let it slide down your gullet. Finally, try to describe how that makes you feel. When you do, you will know what makes this cat tick. A marketing communications pro and part-time lawyer by trade, he eats and drinks and shares his impressions, without much censorship...as you will see.
Allan WrightAllan Wright
Allan came up with the idea for Eat Drink Boulder via his job, which involves beer, wine, food, and blogging. Allan runs Zephyr Adventures and Taste Vacations, two tour companies that, among other things, run food, wine, and beer tours around the world. Zephyr Adventures also organizes a series of lifestyle blogger conferences in the food, wine, beer, and fitness worlds. Locally, Allan runs the 1000-person strong Boulder Wine Meetup group. All this keeps him very occupied and very immersed in the worlds relevant to Eat Drink Boulder.
Anastasia DementyevaAnastasia Dementyeva
Anastasia was born in Russia, moved to the US at the age of 9, and moved from New Mexico to Boulder in 2007 to attend CU. Though Anastasia enjoys her work in the mental health field, she likes to spend her free time going to various happy hours, trying new restaurants and tasting wine. Anastasia likes to volunteer with local distilleries and wineries, mixing cocktails, helping bottle, or working events. She also enjoys the arts, and you can frequently find her at the Dairy Arts Center, catching a movie, volunteering, or taking a ballet class.
Ariana RossAriana Ross
Ariana was born in Los Angeles and migrated to Boulder 8 years ago where she and her clan took to the mountains and miles of blacktop like only a migrant can. Now a predictably-Boulder everything-enthusiast, Ariana is trying to narrow her pursuits to writing- a long standing passion- cycling, gardening and Italian wine.
Beau HoffmanBeau Hoffman
Beau moved to Boulder while studying chemical engineering at CU. After 4 years of skipping the ramen and light beer for chicken Cordon Bleu and red Burgundy, the thought of leaving this foodie Mecca was absurd. He can typically be found on the daily circuit of wine tastings around the city, dining al fresco, or partaking in the usual Boulder activities (hiking, cycling, or climbing). In between meals, Beau works as a renewable energy engineer.
Beth PowellBeth Powell
Beth came to Boulder in 2004 from Mill Valley, CA and realized quickly what true community feels like. She's an organic gardening, dark chocolate-loving, diem-carping, adventurous polyglot with a passion for pure, honest food. She owns two companies: POP! media studio (Digital Marketing and PR for small businesses) and UP Talks (Uplifting and Provocative Talks for Women).
Betsy WelchBetsy Welch
If Betsy didn't love growing, cooking, and eating food so much, you might never catch her standing still. She carries more insurance on her bikes than her car, and she only uses credit cards that dole out airline miles. She's a Lyons, Colorado girl with a salt-water past. http://www.cochicas.com/blog/
Christy MercerChristy Mercer
Christy Mercer moved to Colorado from her native state of Oregon six years ago, and has spent her time here exploring Boulder's culinary offerings and taking advantage the many great outdoor activities the area has to offer. She has a background in journalism and working in web start-ups, and while not working, enjoys traveling, tasting new food, running, and baking.
Cyril VidergarCyril Vidergar
Cyril is a craft beer writer and columnist whose Pondering the Pint column appears in the Longmont Times-Call). He is founder of Boulder's Beer Law Incubator, which provides start-up craft brewery consulting; a home brewer for the past 15 years; and a self-proclaimed Philosopher/Ponderer.
Dave SmithDave Smith
A New England native, Dave loves how wine brings people together and will take any opportunity to “wine geek” with anyone, professional or enthusiast, sharing the same passion. The previous owner of Your Place or Vine, a Longmont wine bar, Dave can be found cycling the roads of Northwest Boulder County, in between developing software for wineclubz.com from his home (and the occasional coffee shop), daydreaming of cycling through Europe, and dabbling in song writing on his Taylor acoustic guitar.
Gabby HayesGabby Hayes
Gabby is a trainer, writer, photographer, and traveler, and has traveled around the world - sometimes for work, sometimes for play, always with an eye for adventure, scenery, and stories to tell. He considers himself a beer connoisseur, and has lived in four of the best beer towns (Munich, Dublin, Portland, and now the Denver metro area) in the world. He and his wife often go beer-treking, looking for the best beers around. He has lived in several states and countries, but plans on retiring and dying (hopefully in that order) in Colorado.
Holly KlamerHolly Klamer
Holly Klamer is a Registered Dietitian and personal trainer who has written nutrition content for various websites and organizations. She received her MS degree in Nutrition from Colorado State University. She works as a weight loss dietitian at a clinic in Denver, and she has her own business. She enjoys cooking, traveling, running and being outside. She is relatively new to the Boulder area and has lived here for 2 years.
Jennifer ONeilJennifer ONeil
Jennifer covers the Gunbarrel beat for all things food, wine and beer related. Having immersed herself in many different cultures over the years, Jennifer is a passionate traveler with an uncanny ability to look into the heart of a city or town and find authentic places to eat, drink, and hang out -- or simply pass time blissfully. She has recently earned her status as Sommelier through the International Wine Guild but, even so, she knows her personal journey exploring wine has only just begun.
Joe MeilenJoe Meilen
Joe is a transient Boulder-ite. A student of viticulture and enology at Cornell University in New York, he spends summers and the occasional year off living, eating, drinking, and generally causing mischief in the Boulder community. He has worked in wine production, restaurant wine service, and wine and spirit retail. His services have been employed at wineries from Paso Robles to Gaillac France and he is fluent in French as well as quasi-poetic cynicism (also perhaps narcissism, after all he wrote this whole bio in the third person.) Currently he works for a Wine and Spirits shop in Boulder county educating local enthusiasts on the large world of wine and the booming craft beer and spirit bounty in our backyard.
Katie RyderKatie Ryder
A traveler, home brewer, and bike enthusiast, Katie is a Colorado native living in Lafayette. She loves trying new and unique beers in addition to enjoying tried and true brews, and she is currently studying for the Beer Judge Certification Exam. Between brewery hopping, Katie works as an energy efficiency consultant.
Kenzie MotaiKenzie Motai
Kenzie is currently a senior at the University of Colorado, studying communications. In search of great food on a college budget, Kenzie explores student-friendly restaurants to find the best deals and hang-out spots for Buffs.
Kristen ReddKristen Redd
Kristen is thrilled to be back in Boulder where she was born and raised after spending the last five years living and teaching middle school in Vail. Aside from eating, cooking and writing, Kristen can be found telemarking or hiking with her husband and dog. Check out her personal blog at http://fancyfunk.com
L.V. TorioL.V. Torio
L.V. Torio has been around Boulder since the 80's, long enough to have witnessed the Aristocrat Diner's transformation into the Gap for Kids, an event that for him signaled the beginning of the end (with apologies to Greil Marcus) of the "old, weird Boulder." Fortunately, he finds the new Boulder equally weird, not least in the way its food and drink purveyors consistently stir the imagination, enliven the palate, and gratify the gut.
Leah ArthurLeah Arthur
Leah loves Colorado beer. She blogs about Colorado beer, breweries, bars, beer & food pairings, restaurants with craft beer, beer events and more as Colorado Beer Girl.
Levi JacobsLevi Jacobs
From humble roots as a McDonald's line cook in white-pepper-is-spicy North Dakota, Levi's love of food and writing has been a long journey. He's written and eaten his way through dumpsters and anarchist bread lines in California, 4 years of tempura and buckwheat in Japan, a healthy dose of plantains and free-range goat while working in Uganda, and the culinary offerings of 36 countries before settling on the balanced and bountiful offerings of Boulder. He currently sells fruit in the North Dakota oil fields for a living, spending the other eight months a year writing science fiction and devouring culinary fact in Boulder Colorado.
Lisa GroveLisa Grove
Lisa Grove is a freelance writer and editor. From growing up in Reno to the beaches of San Diego, the subways and train stations of New York City to Boulder's mountainous views, Lisa has been people-watching and scribbling for the majority of her life. Having found home in Boulder with her boyfriend and chocolate lab, Lisa enjoys learning about new people and places, cooking, exploring, and discovering the Boulder foodie scene.
Mark RosenblumMark Rosenblum
Mark came to Boulder in 2006 from the San Francisco Bay area. Among his ventures was a food and wine business in Silicon Valley. Now enjoying Colorado, including the challenges of high altitude gardening. In his tastings, Mark's quest is finding and sharing great value wines. He can often be found hiking a trail or on his bike in the Boulder area, Nepal, or somewhere else in the world.
Marsha StecklingMarsha Steckling
Marsha Steckling is the owner of Evie Photography, a Boulder wedding and portrait photographer. Marsha is an Illinois-native but long-time Boulder resident, and uses her business background and photo-shooting skills to take many of the photos you will find on the Eat Drink Boulder website.
Meagan VitekMeagan Vitek
Meagan is a recent transplant from Austin, Texas, cupcake fanatic, drinker of red wine and photography aficionado with an immeasurable hunger for life. She spends her days working in marketing, while daydreaming of the meals to come. Prior to moving to Boulder, Meagan wrote and photographed for various publications, while working in catering. She has a love affair with food, and everything surrounding the dining experience. Her Texas culinary roots have extended to Boulder, where she is now eating her way through the town, one bite at a time.
Megan EdmistonMegan Edmiston
Megan Edmiston is a woman of the world, as evidenced by her major in International affairs, her appetite for various types of cuisines and her passion for foreign languages. She spent the summer of 2011 in an intensive cooking techniques course at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts and will also be attending Le Cordon Bleu Paris in the summer of 2013. On the side, Megan runs a website focusing on her photography and contributes writings to travel websites. A proud Boulderite and undying cheese lover, Megan has found that Boulder always has something to satisfy her palate.
Paul GettyPaul Getty
Paul Getty has lived in Boulder for over 20 years, and has sampled the wares of most of its fine (and less fine) dining and drink establishments. An amateur journalist and one-time professional cook (at several less fine places across the country), he now makes his living in the world of internet technology, running several startups from his office in downtown Boulder. He is the co-Founder and Editor of Eat Drink Boulder.
Rachel DugasRachel Dugas
Rachel Dugas is a craft beer writer and photographer from Lafayette, Louisiana. Now living in Old Town Lafayette with her husband and daughter, Rachel can be seen snapping her camera incessantly while enjoying craft beers throughout Boulder County. Rachel was an official Beer Geek for GABF 2015. Follow Rachel on Instagram @boldtowngirl or on Twitter @R_Worthy
Shannon HudsonShannon Hudson
For Shannon, traveling and exploring new places and foods is a passion and priority. A University of Colorado graduate in Fine Arts Photography, she studied and interned with photographers in France and San Francisco, where her culinary interests began to expand beyond her Austin roots and foundation in American cuisine. She is now in a perpetual search for all that is new and exciting in Boulder's food scene. In addition to writing for EDB, she handles our social media efforts; if you tweet us, she will most likely be your respondent!
Tyra SutakTyra Sutak
Tyra is a Boulder County native, devout lover of craft beer, experimental homebrewer, staple on the Boulder foodie scene and a familiar face on most Boulder County trails. By day, she plans conferences at the University of Colorado Boulder, but by night, she's a wordsmith documenting and sharing her experiences and favorite places in the city she calls home.


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