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Boulder Beer – There’s a New Chef in Town

If you haven’t been to Boulder Beer recently (or ever), this is a call for action!

EDB was recently invited to experience Boulder’s iconic and newly remodelled location on Wilderness Place and, of course, we gladly accepted. As the afternoon unfolded, we found a quite a few more big surprises along the way.

The quick readout is that the next time you go to Boulder Beer you will find a new place, a new menu, new brews, plus, new brunch (!) on the weekends. But, you will also find all of the same great service, staff and ultra chill vibe you’ve always enjoyed. Intrigued? Read on for details.

The Goat Shed 1979

A bit of history first. Boulder Beer was our first and, at one time, only craft brewery in town. Founded in 1979, as an experiment on a goat farm, this company started taking off way before craft beer was a thing. Soon thereafter, Boulder Beer designed and constructed its current location on Wilderness Place, which has been a favorite haunt for locals and students alike ever since. The environment was already exceptional, if a bit dated, whether you are gathering with friends outdoors on the oversized patio, enjoying the Flatirons in view, hanging inside with your buddies on a cold day or playing weekly trivia with colleagues.


Well, it’s still the same building in the same great location but, the interior/exterior remodel has significantly modernized most of the place, especially the gathering room just off to the right as you enter the building (what I call the Trivia room). A smartly placed, oversized barn door entryway and a set of openable garage doors on the western wall allow the space to breathe and expand easily, which presents you, as the guest, with a lighter feel that is more inviting than ever before.

Additionally, the large outdoor patio has been thoughtfully updated and expanded along the entire west side of the building, providing more gathering space with several new picnic tables installed and all with the same great view.


Chef Logan – There’s a New Chef in Town

The biggest surprise for me on our visit was the complete revamp of Boulder Beer’s food menu, with much credit due to newcomer on the scene, Chef Logan. His fresh take on the menu leads to deliciously, meticulously crafted dishes we all enjoyed. Not only does Chef exhibit a complete mastery of the smoker and methodical slow cooking techniques – all of the dishes have a well designed flash finish in the kitchen – adding a bit of zest here, crispness there.

Chef Logan has raised the bar and this is possibly the best pub food in Boulder.

Chef Logan also possesses an amazing talent for developing sauces of all kinds and does a great job formulating and pairing sauces with each dish. Think Vestas Dipping Grill in Denver, only more cozy, totally down to earth and much closer to home. Try as many as you can.

Everything we tasted was delicious and our group unanimously agreed that the dishes were well executed, leveraged innovative flavor combinations and were delivered as thoughtful presentations on the plate. The ribs were an immediate fan favorite at our table. Fall off the bone, juicy tenderness yet crisp on the outside. Nice.

Vegans, Vegetarians and Gluten sensitive friends will not feel left out. There are plenty of choices for you to enjoy but our GF friends should be aware that some of the sauces contain beer, which does have gluten.


Boulder Beer favorites are available year round – Buff Gold, Mojo, Hazed, Singletrack, Sweaty Betty, Shake Chocolate Porter and Pulp Fusion. I might not proselytize BB quite as much as I do with Avery, but if you’re wanting good beer, you will find some great classics here.

What I didn’t realize until our visit was how many “Seasonal & Limited Release” beers are in the mix – like Mojo Risin, Irish Blessing, Hola Maria, Bump ‘n Rind ( PS – loved it), Dragonhosen and the entire Dude Series, which I cannot wait to try and I’m totally late to this party.

It also looks like we’ll quickly see an expansion of this line as Shay Castle of the Daily Camera reports,  Boulder Beer has recently acquired Walnut Brewery where there will be even more room for experimental Boulder Beers this summer.  Great news for Boulder but, I can only hope that Chef Logan has a hand in developing a new menu over there.







If you are reading this at publishing time, you’re probably in the mood for comfort food on this incredibly snowy weekend in late May – who said Mothers Day was safe for planting my Spring garden?! Boulder Beer’s Brunch will definitely satisfy.

But, on any given “normal” weekend in Boulder, whether you’ve hiked Sanitas, biked a 100 mile loop or completed your week’s worth of Muay Thai / kickboxing classes you will have solidly earned a Boulder Beer Brunch.

We suggest the Smoked Brisket Breakfast Burrito or Waffle Sliders and pair with any range of Boulder Beer cocktails, or go out on a limb and try the bottomless “Beermosa.” A full bar is available for non-beer drinkers so, go ahead with the Bloody Mary’s and I have long enjoyed Boulder Beer’s Margaritas. Yep that is kinda weird but pairs perfectly with nachos.

Don’t forget the Brewery Tour @ 2pm

If you like how things are made, you can enjoy the 2pm daily tour. We’d all love to go back with the bottling and canning is happening. Yeah, just because we’re nerds about that kind of stuff.


Our writer Jen ONeil dined as guests of the establishment. However, the views expressed here are entirely her own. Professional photos provided by EDB’s videographer, Shannon Hudson. Anything looking like a quick snap from an iPhone is credited to Jennifer ONeil. The Goat Shed 1979 image courtesy of 

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Boulder’s Movers and Shakers Names “Best Cocktail” in Mixologist Showdown

Boulder’s reputation for having a competitive restaurant scene provides us with so many opportunities to experience good-spirited, albeit heated competition. Movers and Shakers, a competition focused on naming ‘Boulder’s Best Cocktail,’ has been influential in ranking some of our city’s best since 2013. This year, Montanya’s Plantino Rum was the spirit inspiration for Boulder’s best mixologists to create […]

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The Taco Report: T/aco has untamed flavors ready to scarf

Once upon a time there was a bear that loved tacos. The bear loved tacos so much that he pursued them regardless of danger. So one day the hungry bear wandered into Boulder, confused by traffic, bewildered by loud noises, but hungry and determined. Soon he had ambled to the northwest corner of Walnut and […]

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The Queen of Cuisine - Ella Brennan

CineCHEF – A Dining and Movie Experience

The Boulder International Film Festival (BIFF)  returns again this weekend with the creative and delicious CineCHEF competition on Friday, March 3rd @ 5pm. Since the festival started in 2005, BIFF co-founder, Kathy Beek, along with her sister Robin, have wanted to integrate the festival with Boulder chefs who have successfully put Boulder cuisine on the map. […]

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Oil to Love For

“When you open the bottle, close your eyes, and then smell the oil.” These were my instructions from Oscar Sanchez, when we met. “You will smell more than oil. You will smell life . . . happiness . . . love.” I did what Oscar asked. I was preparing a Valentine’s Day dinner for my […]

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24 Carrot-A Gem Uncovered

There is life outside of the Boulder Bubble, and it shines in places like 24 Carrot. Located just 30 minutes away, in historic downtown Erie, 24 Carrot is a hidden gem. Named East County’s Best New Restaurant by the Boulder Weekly, 24 Carrot doesn’t disappoint. Shortly before six, on a blustery Monday night, the dining […]

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Growing Gardens Growing Food for Good

What happens when good people with good ideas and good intentions get together? Good deeds happen. Boulder County is lucky to have its share of good people. A great example of good people helping others in the county is a partnership between two groups. Those two groups are Growing Gardens and the Ed & Ruth […]

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Sugar Pine Inspires with their Farm-to-Plate Chef’s Dinner

Culinary creativity was at the forefront of Sugar Pine’s most recent Farm to Plate dinner at The Lyon’s Farmette. Executive Chef Carrie Grenier bubbled over with excitement as she personally addressed the dinner crowd, conveying her complete devotion to good product in the culmination of her dishes with an enthusiasm and passion that I rarely […]

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Roadhouse Boulder Depot – A Reason to Visit Boulder Junction

For many of us in Boulder, we have read much but had little reason to visit the area called Boulder Junction. We just discovered a delicious reason, provided you let your tastebuds take charge. According to the city’s website, “Boulder Junction (previously known as the Transit Village) is a 160-acre redevelopment area located in the geographic […]

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A New Standard, Still Wild

In the last year many a Pearl Street boulevardier may have peeked inquiringly into the doorway at Wild Standard, Bradford Heap’s high end seafood establishment, only to feel daunted by its exclusive seafood menu and a “dim sum style” table service that took some serious risks.  (See our previous post on Wild Standard’s changes.) The […]

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Eureka Restaurant on Pearl Street is Now Open

The Eureka! restaurant in the new building at 1048 Pearl Street (the old Daily Camera site) is open as of Labor Day, 2016. It is sometimes easy to predict what restaurants in Boulder will fail before their first birthday. The Pearl Street Steak Room was selling $80 steaks, Lyfe Kitchen was a super interesting restaurant with […]

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New Element to Explore

Boiled down, an ideal dinner or cocktail out has three essential elements: location, product, and atmosphere. The new Element Bistro in Gunbarrel has hit fairly high marks on these goals in its first month. The location is unique– amid the trees and birds above the suburban traffic. The cocktail list is extensive and food menu […]

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Wild Standard restaurant in Boulder

The Best Restaurant in Boulder You Have Never Tried

“Best” is naturally relative to your own palate and some of our readers surely have been there but Wild Standard at 1043 Pearl Street is an amazing restaurant that we, at least, had not tried before this week. It is sort of amazing that Wild Standard has not become more popular, given its famous owner (Bradford […]

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The Organic Dish: Your Personal Sous Chef

People of Boulder love to keep busy. Sometimes, 24 hours doesn’t  feel like enough time to squeeze in cooking dinner. That is why the The Organic Dish wants to do the meal prep for you. All you have to do is thaw, cook and eat! “We want to be your sous chef,” says Dan Sorrells, […]

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Eureka! No Crap on Tap in Former Daily Camera Location

We have all been waiting to see what public spaces are upcoming in the new building on the former Daily Camera site on west Pearl Street. We recently received a press release about a new restaurant, Eureka!, that will be opening September 5th. It is not typical we rehash press releases here at Eat Drink […]

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Blackbelly Butcher: A Contemporary Take on Old World Butchery

Blackbelly Market has easily become one of Boulder’s most beloved dining spots. Executive Chef Hosea Rosenberg has taken up-and-coming East Boulder by storm with his locally sourced, sustainable and organic menus that change seasonally. The newest addition to the Blackbelly family happens to be right next door and subsequently elevates Boulder’s already fortified food scene. […]

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Over the Moon for Under the Sun

Incoming bombs shriek by, exploding with terrifying cracks and booms. You dive for cover in the gritty trench, gasping and wondering if you will live through the night, much less kiss your lover, or even drink another beer. And in that scary moment, your brain actually slows down and considers the seemingly arbitrary notion: Your […]

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Quick Buzz: Boulder County Craft Beer Pours May – June

Welcome to QUICK BUZZ – where we highlight upcoming craft beer releases throughout Boulder County. Note: We will continue to update this page, so please check periodically to receive the most current info.   Now Pouring (May 23, 2016) Liquid Mechanics, Lafayette: New England Sucka Punch (NE Style American IPA), Merica (Session IPA, gluten reduced) […]

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The Med – Patio dining at its finest

With the return of sunny afternoons and warm spring temperatures, the restaurant patio is an increasingly inviting venue. Among the hidden gems of the Pearl Street merchant district is just such a perfect dining patio. The Mediterranean Restaurant (“the Med” as it’s locally known) offers an intimate tiered approach to patio dining, squeezed amid multi-story […]

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Bijou’s Brings the Little Curry Shop to Boulder

   I’ve always been a huge fan of a good curry, the complexity and depth of flavor are at once delightfully exotic and surprisingly comforting…like a wonderful home-cooked dish. Eat Drink Boulder has taken an interest in the topic as well, we even held a head-to-head testing of all Indian food establishments in Boulder a […]

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How to Boulder your way through BrüFrou: Craft Beer + Culinary Pairing Event

Want to navigate your way through BrüFrou, making sure you have time to enjoy everything Boulder County has to offer, whether a delicious craft beer or a gourmet small plate? We’ve put together a cheat sheet of craft beer + culinary pairings below that you won’t want to miss! What: BrüFrou: Craft Beer + Culinary Pairings […]

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Boulder’s West End Tavern delivers big, bold flavors on BBQ & Bourbon

Spring is here and beer and bourbon are flowing at The West End Tavern, a great place to start if you’re looking for a stiff drink and a piece of meat in Boulder. With 25 taps and 75 whiskeys on the menu, ordering can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily for you, we’re here to walk you […]

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Arugula Bar e Ristorante: A Harmonious Helping of Delicious in Boulder

Ask Boulderites what they care most about when choosing a restaurant and you’re sure to get a variety of responses and considerations. Is the food healthy? Are the ingredients local and organic? Is the food made with sustainability in mind? Will I be supporting local businesses and suppliers by eating here? Is the restaurant dynamic […]

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Spicy goat and more on North 28th

North 28th Street at Valmont Road bustles with activity any Friday evening. Car dealer windows aglow offer cyclists a glimpse at another life. Gas stations bathe pedestrians in spheres of daylight cast beneath pure white LEDs. Pale pink hangs in the western sky, silhouetting our iconic local foothills. And goat is on the menu at Curry-N-Kebob, […]

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Boulder’s Organic Sandwich Company

To the Organic Sandwich Company here in Boulder at the corner of Pearl and 16th, a sandwich is much more than just a couple slices of bread packed with meat, cheese, and greens. Instead, their sandwiches are representations in and of themselves of the Organic Sandwich Company – whose mission is to provide authentic, organic […]

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CineCHEF: An Upscale Take on Dinner and a Movie

The combo of “dinner and a movie” will never go out of style. However, the “same old” can get boring. In its second year, as part of the Boulder International Film Festival, CineCHEF is a creative iteration of “dinner and a movie.” A gourmet culinary experience, CineCHEF showcases chefs from some of Boulder’s most recognized restaurants. […]

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Man v. Mollusk meet again at Jax Boulder’s High West Oyster Fest

The festival, presented by Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar, returns next Wednesday, March 2 at Boulder Theater. There is sure to be a whole lotta Shuckin’ goin’ on during the biggest oyster celebration in Boulder County. The fourth annual High West Oyster Fest (#HWOF2016) is said to bring forth “an Intergalactic Shucking & Eating […]

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The Ghost BBQ & Spirits – Worth Trying Even When Not At The Boulder Theater

The Ghost BBQ & Spirits has taken over the space previously occupied by George’s, immediately adjacent and connected to the Boulder Theater. As we previously wrote about George’s over four years ago, it is not easy in this space to create a restaurant that becomes anything other than a Boulder Theater afterthought for both locals and […]

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Riverside Renaissance: Per La Gente Fuses Fine Dining with a Folk Ethic

We reported a few weeks ago on the talented characters behind the Riverside Building’s newest culinary destination, Per La Gente. On that occasion, Executive Chef /co-founder Lewis Guarasci and his General Manager/co-founder Charese Borgerson shared their backgrounds and aspirations for the new establishment, while plying us with samplings off their dinner menu. The vision of […]

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Next Stop: Roadhouse Boulder Depot

Roadhouse Boulder Depot recently opened, and last weekend I stopped in to have some lunch and check it out. I was very excited to visit the restaurant for multiple reasons. First, the historical aspect of it–the building itself used to serve as the Boulder Train Depot, from 1890-1957. Secondly, there were several items on the […]

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Per La Gente: New Restaurant in Creekside Building to Serve Fine Dining for the Masses

Boulder has a strong contender to reverse the seeming jinx of the Riverside Building that hovers over Boulder Creek on Broadway. Per La Gente is an amazing new restaurant that is an awesome combination of fine dining and Boulder casual and has everything it needs to be successful. The restaurant was started by a team […]

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GoodBird Kitchen serves “Supreme Casual” at Longmont location

Restaurateur Dave Query has another victory to add to his ever-growing quest to dominate the restaurant – and the fried chicken – scene in Boulder County. The newest feat for the Big Red F founder includes trademarking the concept “Supreme Casual” – which is being executed at the first standalone location of GoodBird Kitchen outside […]

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Freshii–Fast casual on The Hill

Freshii, a fast casual restaurant opened on the Hill last August. It offers a diverse menu of soups, salads, wraps, bowls and sandwiches along with a wide array of fresh pressed juices. The happy news is that Freshii manages to live up to its promise to deliver a healthy meal that pops with flavor. All the dishes have been designed to […]

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Make way for “the New Popcorn” with Boulder’s ‘Popped Lotus’

A new snack food has Popped onto the Boulder scene. It’s healthy enough for the most selective eaters; it’s organic, gluten free, Non-GMO and contains only a few basic ingredients (one ingredient is purified butter so it is not Vegan), and it’s created from a plant which symbolizes purity and beauty in both Buddhism and […]

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BRU Boulder Beer Dinner pushes all boundaries with ‘Brewed Food’ meal

Chefs Ian Clark of BRU Handbuilt Ales & Eats and Jensen Cummings, an experimental chef who founded “Brewed Food”, performed a balancing act of epic proportions as the pair collaborated on a six-course paired menu exhibiting “fermentation at its finest”, where beer meets food at the most recent Beer Dinner at BRU Boulder. Beer Chef Clark, who oversees […]

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Second Time’s a Charm: Lafayette’s Front Range Brewing improves beers, food menu

Here are two rules to running a great microbrewery: 1) Make it great to begin with, and 2) make it better. Front Range Brewing Company in Lafayette has followed these rules to a Tee. Front Range Brewing Company (FRBC) first opened its doors two years ago, in the Coal Creak Village Shopping Center, on S. […]

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Good Food and Great Films Unite

Inspiration can come from anywhere. For Anthony Lucero, the maker of East Side Sushi, one of the films from this year’s Flatirons Food Film Festival, the inspiration came while dining at a sushi restaurant. After working as part of the visual design for films like Iron Man and Pirates of the Caribbean, Anthony Lucero decided […]

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Film & culinary buffs together for 3rd Flatirons Food Film Festival in Boulder

Unite your passion of all things slow food through the lens of documentary and short films at this year’s Flatirons Food Film Festival happening Monday, Oct. 19 through Sunday, Oct. 25 in Boulder. The film festival is the initiative of film and culinary buff Julia Joun, whose passion for the International Film Series at UC-Boulder […]

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Exploring Californian Wines Al Fresco with HANNA Winery & Vineyards

  Hanna Wines Al Fresco Event at Lone Hawk Farm with G B Culinary. After meandering through the beautiful country roads north of Boulder, we arrived at the rustic and simply elegant Lone Hawk Farm. The idea of dining Al Fresco prompts visions of rolling hills, lush greenery and rows upon rows of fields yielding […]

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Fresh Thymes: Eating With Power!

It is powerful to be able to have whatever you want when ordering at a restaurant. Unfortunately, people with dietary allergies and intolerances do not always have that luxury. After being diagnosed with celiac disease in 2006, Christine Ruch found that the best solution to conquering the fear of eating out was opening a restaurant […]

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Setting the Table with three of Boulder’s Best Catering Companies

Summer weekends come at premium when you’re at a certain age; undoubtedly, you’ll have to set aside a few for rehearsal dinners and wedding bells.  It’s not the worst way to spend those precious days off, especially when you get to travel to a place that’s meaningful or one you’ve never visited before.  You can usually […]

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Upslope announces plans for S’PARK brewery and restaurant in Boulder

Boulder-based Upslope Brewing Company announced today that the brewery plans to open an all-new experimental facility in east Boulder in conjunction with central Boulder’s S’PARK development. The 11,000 square foot brewpub at 34th Street and Valmont is scheduled for completion Fall 2017. The new facility will be home to all of Upslope’s experimental brewing and […]

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City Star Brewing brings Flap Jack Day Back to Life

City Star Brewing Company in Berthoud, Colorado is good at bringing things back to life.  Owners John and Whitney Way resurrected the main drag (Mountain Ave.) storefront that houses the brewery and taproom (its previous iterations were a barn and livery), and on September 7, they’ll put a beer-centric twist on an another Berthoud tradition. In […]

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PizzaRev The newest restaurant at the 29th Street Mall

PizzaRev   is the new pizza place in town. Located in the 29th Street Mall,  it is a fast casual, build your own pizza and salad restaurant. Started in Southern California in 2012, this is the first outlet in Colorado. It is a simple concept of a build your own with multiple choices (similar to […]

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5 Reasons You Gotta Have “FATE”

Boulder’s FATE Brewing Company hits all the high notes The story behind the name FATE is essentially the same story told across many cultures. According to Wikipedia, Moirai is a name of the 3 sisters – or fates – who in Greek Mythology were said to have the power used to control the destiny of […]

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A Whisky Story from Colorful (Lyons) Colorado

In the frenzied early morning hours of the flood, we got word that someone was trapped over at the distillery. As we debated putting kayaks into the swirling waters of the St. Vrain–then as wide as Highway 36–someone suggested that if anyone was stuck over there, he had plenty to drink and would probably fare just […]

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Sustainable Farm-to-Fork Guide

In June, New York-based GRACE Communications Foundation launched the EAT WELL GUIDE, an online directory of over 25,000 hand-picked restaurants, farms, farmers’ markets, food co-ops and other purveyors of local, sustainably produced food. The goal of the Guide is to help conscientious food enthusiasts find new options close to home, or lead the way to […]

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Fast Casual Faves – The Protein Bar

We are wrapping up our Fast Casual Fave’s series for this year with an in-depth look at one of my personal favorites — The Protein Bar. Coincidentally to our Fast Casual series, I was invited to break Bar-ritos with the good folks at the Protein Bar and let’s just say – I learned a lot. […]

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Sancho’s Gives Reason to Eat Steak

People often ask me why I don’t eat beef. I simply don’t like the texture and taste. However, the Plato de Carne Asada at Sancho’s is the exception to my beef avoidance. Sancho’s is a small, Mexican restaurant hidden in the shopping center on Iris and 28th by the DMV. It used to be called […]

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Sugarbeet Restaurant – Eclectic New American Cuisine

Neatly tucked in just shy of southwest Old Town Longmont, The Sugarbeet Restaurant is an eclectic blend of chef-prepared New American Cuisine, cocktails and fine wines in a destination which will entice and attract even the most selective foodie away from Boulder. Downtown parking issues and congestion are replaced with a high quality, small town […]

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