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Redstone Meadery delivers ‘Mead for the Masses’ for past 15 years

There is no denying that Boulder’s craft industry is thriving. People are willing to support local, specifically in regard to “craft” wines, beers and spirits, but what some aren’t discussing are the thriving cideries and meaderies who are gaining popularity in the arena, as more folks explore alternatives to beer in the modern craft movement. With all of the competing trends, it’s hard to keep up with the folks who poured the foundation of Boulder’s craft industry.

Shannon Hudson PhotographyRedstone Meadery was established 15 yeas ago by Boulder home brewer, David Myers. Mead is a honey wine made from fermented honey, and it is a drink whose history is centuries old. Some say mead is the first alcoholic beverage consumed by man, as honey is a natural preservative and its antibacterial and medicinal properties are what make it unique. Oh, did you know honey and water naturally ferment into mead? Yes, it’s true. We checked.

Despite its historical longevity, and clearly an impressive presence in the mead scene, many of us at Eat Drink Boulder have not tasted mead. The few that had tried it were only familiar with the more traditional meads similar to Redstone’s Traditional Mountain Honey Wine, but because we are trend followers, we figured we’d embrace this as an opportunity to support a local business, learn a thing or two and enjoy a mellow afternoon of imbibing…*for free, because tastings to the public are always free, but check ahead if you are interested in taking a tour. The results: We learned that we knew nothing about mead and how versatile this little drink is becoming.

Shannon Hudson PhotographyThe first in the country to feature its beverage through a tap system, Redstone has continued to be on the cutting-edge of ancient technology meets modern-day mead brewing. Whether pushing boundaries with its innovative flavors (one of the first to can their session sparkling mead called “Nectars”), an experimental barrel aging program (try the limited release Tequila barrel-aged Traditional mead) and hop-forward styles (try the Nectar of the Hops which is dry hopped Nectar), to its self-distribution of more than 110K bottles to 35 states and counting – everything is done here in Boulder by hand (and some machines) and we think that is pretty Sweet! (Get, it? Honey joke?).

Redstone Meadery Production - Shannon Hudson Photography

Redstone Meadery Production Station. Redstone bottles, labels, packs and ships every single one of its products here in Boulder by hand with only a handful of employees. This is the Traditional Moutain Honey Wine bottling station.
Photo Shannon Hudson Photography

Shannon Hudson Photography

So Why Drink Mead and Why Redstone Meadery? 

Jessica Simon, sales manger slash mead aficionado slash professional bottle-top popper is one of six Redstone employees, and was also our official tour guide for the evening. Jessica greeted us at the entrance with tasters of a pink, effervescent liquid. This turned out to be the Black Raspberry Nectar – the company’s bestselling product. The Nectar was fruity upon first taste, with a slightly more dry finish. The carbonation was reminiscent of champagne, but the drink had a similar viscosity to honey in its mouthfeel.

Redstone’s Nectars are dubbed ‘Mead for the Masses’ due to their approachable taste, sparkling flavors and lower abv. Most of the Nectars are fruit flavored, carbonated and are a ‘sessionable’ Shannon Hudson Photography8% abv, whereas traditional mead comes in around 12%. Sunshine Nectar and Nectar of the Hops are sold in cans, which are perfect for hot summer days, festivals and the outdoors. During our visit, we got to try the Sunshine, Boysenberry, not-yet-released Apple, Passion Fruit and Nectar of the Hops Nectars, as well as several varieties of Traditional Mountain Honey Wine (mead).

Shannon Hudson PhotographyOut of those, the Passion Fruit was the group’s favorite. Passion Fruit Nectar was released in September 2015 as the newest in the collection. It was approachable, tart, refreshing, fruity and tropical, and we were told it complements Asian and spicy foods quite nicely. Redstone Meadery’s Nectars can be mixed into cocktails (mimosa anyone?) or easily enjoyed on their own. Sunshine Nectar can be ordered as a mimosa at Tangerine Restaurant (*call ahead for availability), making for a perfect accompaniment to lazy weekend brunch.

One of the many benefits of mead is it is naturally gluten free, is somewhat lighter to drink than wine and in many ways compares to cider. It is a good gluten-free option for those who want to consume some fine Boulder craft beverages and cocktails.

As a beer lover myself (Rachel), I did enjoy the Nectars, specifically the Nectar of the Hops, whichShannon Hudson Photography I compared to a dry-hopped cider. Redstone’s knowledge of mead and mead variants alone is worth the visit. I even heard about their experiment with a sour mead, which did not turn out successful, but am hoping more can develop in that area in the future! I am looking forward to their special release of a whiskey barrel-aged mead, which sounds delightful.

For the wine lovers, like Anastasia, the Sunshine Nectar is a great alternative to champagne, with the honey giving more mouth-feel and depth to the bubbles. There is also a style of mead called “pyment” where grape juice is added to mead. If a decision to drink wine or mead is hard to make, pyment may be the solution, though we were unable to sample this concoction during the tasting.

Shannon Hudson Photography

Jessica Simon pours Rachel a Redstone Reserve taster.

Ask about their Redstone Reserves, which are secret recipes and one batch of each is made per year. They take five years to make from start to finish and are usually bottled at 10 years old. They take 900 pounds of selectively sourced natural honey to make, which results in a 13.5% abv, port-style mead. They are fortified with additional honey after fermentation. We tried the 2006 Traditional and the Black Raspberry, which would serve as a delightful dessert wine, or a satisfying post-meal digestif. Redstone also sells delicious chocolate truffles that are filled with Black Raspberry mead. (Make sure to eat the truffle whole to avoid mead exploding down your shirt). Happy sipping!

Editor’s Note: Anastasia Dementyeva contributed to this article. All photos belong to Shannon Hudson, ShannonHudsonPhotography
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Quintessential Wine Tasting Event – This Friday at the Boulderado

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Pros and Cons of Drinking Local

At Eat, Drink, Boulder, we promote and support local. Boulder is a town of beauty, creativity, start-ups, and our favorite: delicious food and drink. Whenever we can, we eat and drink local. In doing this, the economy and hard work of our community members is supported. The local agriculture benefits, leaving room for open space […]

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Fresh Thymes: Eating With Power!

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Sugarbeet Restaurant – Eclectic New American Cuisine

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Tickets on sale now for 4th Annual Jack’s Benevolent Bash

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Fog Theory Wines: Whole Foods’ Little Secret

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Intimate Wine Pairing Dinner

This Thursday’s Perfect Pair- Salt Bistro and Bookcliff Vineyard

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Vertical Syrah Tasting … of Colorado Wines

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Pairings from a Pro

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Sparking Wines for the Holidays Available in Boulder

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Boulder Wine Merchant Expertise for Free

Did you know that Boulder Wine Merchant offers free wine education classes, led by owner and Master Sommelier, Brett Zimmerman? Maybe I miss the classroom setting or learning something new every day, but when I hear about a free lecture or class, I jump at the opportunity to participate. The classes are held Saturday afternoons […]

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BCW Tasting Menu Fall 2014

Boulder Creek Winery: Tasting Room and Wine Club Worth Checking Out

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Wines for Floods: Boulder’s Flood Wine Brand

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Cured: Wine Tasting and Education in One

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Tasting the Town (for free)

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Taste of Pearl; pssst, follow me

Guy Who Knows: C’mere for a second, I got a hot tip. Guy Who Does Not Know: “Me?” GWK: Yeah, you…come here.  OK, listen up: so not everyone knows but this coming Sunday, April 13 is the 5th annual Taste of Pearl where chefs from around town and Colorado wineries combine forces to hook up […]

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Volta Knows Best?

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A Crash Course to the Burgundy Wine Fest

Each November in Burgundy, France, is a charity event known as the Hospices de Beaune, which is likely the greatest wine celebration in the world.  Over the course of the weekend is the Clos Vougeot dinner, Paulée de Meursault BYOB lunch, and the world-famous wine auction where 100% of the bottles are donated, and 100% […]

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Somm Documentary Out Now

Without too much fanfare, Somm, a documentary following the quest of four Master Sommelier candidates, opened at the Denver Film Center yesterday.  The only scheduled showings at this point are this Saturday and Sunday only!  They say you never know how much you don’t know until you really start delving into something.  So if you […]

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Rosé Season is Here!

The last few days of scorching heat make it hard to believe it has barely been a month since we got a foot of snow.  The Farmers Market is in full swing, getting a patio table requires hours of patience, and North Boulder Park is rife with picnickers.  Most importantly, rosé season is finally here! […]

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The Wine of Oak: Sound as a Barrel

Editor’s Note: this is the first in a series of reviews of local wine lists by EDB’s new wine writer, Beau Hoffman. The use of oak in wine is no doubt a polarizing subject in the world in wine.  On one hand, the subtle tannins can augment the wine and create interesting flavors (smokiness, subtle […]

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Boulder Chef Series: The People Behind the Food. Jessica Emich, Shine Restaurant

The latest in the Boulder Chef Series features an energetic, passionate woman you’ll enjoy getting to know through this recent interview. Enjoy! Then go try her cooking.   Chef & Co-Owner: Jessica Emich, Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place EDB: What was your favorite food as a kid? I am a Jersey Italian girl at heart.  […]

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High on the Hog: A Cochon 555 Retrospective

I didn’t really know what to expect at Cochon 555, but I didn’ t expect THIS.  Excited as I was for the event in Vail, I couldn’t picture it.  Then, once I arrived, everything was moving and shaking and begging for attention, and I had to saddle up for the ride–which began before we even […]

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You’re Invited to a Big Ole ‘Bacon Party

This  Sunday, March 10, Boulder will represent at one of the most unique food events in America.  Blackbelly Catering’s Hosea Rosenberg and Cured’s Will Frischkorn will join a host of chefs, farmers, butchers, mixologists and more at the pork-centric traveling culinary competition and tasting event known as Cochon 555, which is making its Colorado appearance at the […]

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WholeVine: Wine is Great, But There is So Much More!

  When you think of sustainability and using “every last drop” of something, generally you think of something like energy or water.  Fortunately, there are people like Peggy Furth, co-founder of WholeVine Products, who marry the principles of sustainability and zero waste with food and drink. Located in Napa Valley Wine Country, WholeVine takes the […]

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Hazel’s Beverage World is a whole new booze planet

  If you aren’t old enough to remember Hazel, the TV show about the kooky but earnestly wise house keeper for the Baxter’s, maybe you recall when Liquor Mart was the only game in town.  Okay, stop.  Those days are over, baby. Say hello to the new kid in town, Hazel’s Beverage World. Located just […]

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Tastes on the Terrace at The Flagstaff House; You Won’t Soon Forget

Leafing through a forgotten cookbook, a recipe from your childhood falls out on yellowed parchment; you make it and it tastes like home, flooding your senses with nostalgia and comfort.  An old friend calls, and your breath hitches as you recall fond memories.  You pull a pair of missing jeans out from behind the dresser […]

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Riffs Boulder

Riffing on Wine Bar Pricing: The Wine List at Riffs

I want to be clear upfront I am no wine expert. I simply know enough to determine what I like and what I don’t like. I also want to be clear that Riffs, the new establishment at 1115 Pearl Street in Boulder, does not claim to be a wine bar. Quite the opposite, it calls […]

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