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Oil to Love For

Photo courtesy of I LOVE ACEITE.

“When you open the bottle, close your eyes, and then smell the oil.” These were my instructions from Oscar Sanchez, when we met. “You will smell more than oil. You will smell life . . . happiness . . . love.”

I did what Oscar asked. I was preparing a Valentine’s Day dinner for my wife. I had asked Oscar for a recipe using his extra virgin olive oil that would complement my main course.

“Take a nice baguette and toast it lightly. Rub each slice with a tomato, and then drizzle olive oil on them.”

Oscar gave me a sample box of oil to take home. Later that afternoon, I began preparing dinner. I opened the bottle, closed my eyes, and inhaled deeply. Oscar was right. What I smelled was more than cooking oil. I smelled earth. I smelled the orchard. I smelled life.

Oscar Sanchez.

Oscar Sanchez owns a new business in Boulder – I LOVE ACEITE. Oscar and his family moved to Boulder last year from Barcelona, Spain, where Oscar has deep roots in the business of olive oil. A good friend of Oscar lives on and operates an olive orchard on the outskirts of Jaen, Andalucia, in the south of Spain. Only the finest of extra virgin olive oils are produced from the orchard, and I LOVE ACEITE imports and sells these oils.

As I sat with Oscar, on a warm winter’s day, he explained the process of making pure, extra virgin olive oil, and he described many of the benefits of using extra virgin olive oil. The collection process ensures that the olives retain their flavor, aroma, and health characteristics. Olives are cold-pressed, which helps maintain their nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and above, all their taste and aroma.

“The health benefits are too numerous to list.” Oscar told me. “Our extra virgin olive oil is high in oleic acid (reduces cholesterol and high blood pressure), squalene (a natural moisturizer), and monounsaturated fatty acid (also reduces cholesterol). All help with preventing cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and cancer, while counter-acting the effects of aging.”

Photo courtesy of I LOVE ACEITE.

As Oscar described the benefits of his oil, I opened the gift box he gave me. Inside the box were two bottles of extra virgin olive oil. Each bottle contained 250 milliliters (about 8 ½ ounces). Through I LOVE ACEITE, Oscar sells gift boxes of olive oil. Each gift box contains two 500 milliliter bottles of extra virgin olive oil. Gift boxes can be ordered on-line at The first time someone orders a gift box from the Website, three bottles are included in the box. All boxes are sent from Spain, and take about ten days to ship. Shipping is free. As Oscar put it, “Our product goes directly from our farm to your kitchen.”

When you go to the Best Olive Oil Box Website, you will see many options available for purchasing gift boxes. You can subscribe and receive a gift box every month. Monthly gift boxes, containing two bottles, costs $ 24.85. You can also purchase gift boxes without subscribing. There is also an option to send boxes as gifts. In addition to ordering gift boxes, you can also receive a gift card, perfect for gift giving.

Oscar sells his extra virgin olive oil to restaurants, here and in San Antonio, Texas, however, Oscar’s true passion is getting the best olive oil into home kitchens. Besides selling extra virgin olive oil through the Best Olive Oil Box Website, Oscar also is an entrepreneur, and owns two hotels in Barcelona, where he continues to visit yearly. Oscar can be reached through e-mail at

Pan con Tomate.

I am looking forward to my next meal, where I can use the olive oil from Oscar. Maybe I’ll make a spicy tomato basil dipping oil or blend an herb rub and marinate a strip steak. The possibilities are endless.



The recipe Oscar gave me to try is for Pan con Tomate. I added fresh basil from my herb garden and fresh Parmesan cheese. Other variations Oscar mentioned included adding Roquefort cheese or ham to the bread after toasting. I am sure I will try these soon.

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Blackbelly Butcher: A Contemporary Take on Old World Butchery

Blackbelly Market has easily become one of Boulder’s most beloved dining spots. Executive Chef Hosea Rosenberg has taken up-and-coming East Boulder by storm with his locally sourced, sustainable and organic menus that change seasonally. The newest addition to the Blackbelly family happens to be right next door and subsequently elevates Boulder’s already fortified food scene. […]

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Redstone Meadery delivers ‘Mead for the Masses’ for past 15 years

There is no denying that Boulder’s craft industry is thriving. People are willing to support local, specifically in regard to “craft” wines, beers and spirits, but what some aren’t discussing are the thriving cideries and meaderies who are gaining popularity in the arena, as more folks explore alternatives to beer in the modern craft movement. […]

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The relentlessly unpredictable world of barrel aging with Avery’s Andy Parker

This is the exhaustively intricate tale of Lunctis Viribus as told by the amazingly talented mad scientist Andy Parker of Avery Brewing Company. Avery’s reigning “barrel herder” explains the ups and downs of blind tastings, and what it takes to make the cut from barrel to bottle. It began 13 years ago when Parker, still a […]

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Ball Aerospace engineer fights the battle of the fizz so you don’t have to

How many aerospace engineers does it take to keep a beer from spilling? This question is answered by one microbrew-loving Ball Aerospace engineer, who took his frustrations with flat beer and developed a product that is saving countless beers with his product, Pop&Stop. Pop&Stop is a handy 2-in-1 beer opener and sealer that CEO Joe Hackel […]

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Per La Gente: New Restaurant in Creekside Building to Serve Fine Dining for the Masses

Boulder has a strong contender to reverse the seeming jinx of the Riverside Building that hovers over Boulder Creek on Broadway. Per La Gente is an amazing new restaurant that is an awesome combination of fine dining and Boulder casual and has everything it needs to be successful. The restaurant was started by a team […]

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Finkel & Garf (Gunbarrel) teach us how to ‘Play’ with our beer

“Play Often.” This is the motto or modus operandi for the Gunbarrel brewery Finkel & Garf established by father-and-son duo Eric and Dan Garfinkel. Drawing on themes from his childhood in the D.C. area, where his father ran a toy company, Dan and his father Eric set out to create beers they enjoy drinking – […]

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Exploring Californian Wines Al Fresco with HANNA Winery & Vineyards

  Hanna Wines Al Fresco Event at Lone Hawk Farm with G B Culinary. After meandering through the beautiful country roads north of Boulder, we arrived at the rustic and simply elegant Lone Hawk Farm. The idea of dining Al Fresco prompts visions of rolling hills, lush greenery and rows upon rows of fields yielding […]

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A conversation with Crystal Springs’ Doc Shredder in Louisville

Every brewmaster has a story, and so do the beers they create. Adopting this philosophy of community and storytelling, I spoke to Tom Horst, who has become a new type of local celebrity – small town boy turned Ph.D. symphony percussionist turned high school band instructor turned brewmaster and founder of Crystal Springs Brewing Co. […]

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EDB Spirit Awards of GABF 2015 – Now with BEER GEEKS!

The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) wasn’t just about the beer, it was about the festival. In the process of copious amounts of beer tasting, I came to a few conclusions of my own and would like to share them with our Eat Drink Boulder readers for entertainment purposes only. Here are the unofficial Eat […]

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Boulder breweries dominate at GABF Pro-Am Competition

Boulder County breweries took home 2 of 3 medals awarded to this year’s Pro-Am competition at the Great American Beer Festival this past weekend. Lafayette’s Odd13 Brewing took home the silver, and Boulder’s FATE Brewing Company took home the bronze in the competition, beating out the other 93 entrants. The GABF Pro-Am competition pairs established […]

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Lafayette’s Liquid Mechanics’ CEO talks GABF medal and more

The magic of the Great American Beer Festival may be over, but a few lucky brewers in Lafayette are just beginning to relish in the glory that comes with being a GABF medalist. Lafayette’s Liquid Mechanics has proven that it can compete with the country’s best, making that trek to the East County brewery even […]

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Zephyr Adventures is Hiring

Zephyr Adventures, the company run by Eat Drink Boulder co-founder Allan Wright, is hiring three marketing professionals with an application deadline of September 20th: Conferences Marketing, Communications, and Sales Manager Chief Operating Officer of a new Marketing Agency Contract Work in September and October to Market Beer Workshops Zephyr Adventures has been operating since 1997 as […]

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5 Reasons You Gotta Have “FATE”

Boulder’s FATE Brewing Company hits all the high notes The story behind the name FATE is essentially the same story told across many cultures. According to Wikipedia, Moirai is a name of the 3 sisters – or fates – who in Greek Mythology were said to have the power used to control the destiny of […]

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Pairings from a Pro

2020 – not just an address (2020 Ionosphere Street, Longmont), not just the name of a great new establishment … but the gold standard for vinous acuity in wine pairing.  So lets dive in with some imagery: Owner, chef, buyer, GM, and generally gregarious and sweet individual Matthew Koury is electric. 2020 volts of culinary energy […]

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Coffee Lovers Unite! Boulder’s Dragonfly Coffee Roasters is a Class Act

In the 70’s and 80’s in my house, Yuban was the coffee of choice. Needless to say, I grew up hating the smell of coffee. At the ripe old age of 20, I managed to break out of small-town America to go study in France for a year. European café life, with its exotic rituals […]

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An Interview with Ande Anderson, Creator of Super Shrink Me

I was recently invited to attend a screening of the film Super Shrink Me by Boulderite, nutritionist and filmmaker Ande Anderson. After the somewhat uncharacteristic but delicious spread of mainly salamis and cheeses and some mingling, the movie started playing. The film is a response to Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock’s documentary about the horror […]

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Exploring The Auguste Escoffier Farm to Table Program with Michel Escoffier

We toured 63rd Street Farms in Boulder to get a first-hand look at the amazing Farm to Table Program offered by the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Boulder and its sister school in Austin, Texas. We got to meet and tour the farm with the amazing Michel Escoffier, chef instructor Steve Nalls of […]

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Boulder’s Number One Dining Spot on a Wednesday Night?

From May to October, the downtown Boulder Farmer’s Market is hands down, the Best. Playdate. Ever. Wednesday is the new Thursday. The night to GO OUT. Play. Unwind. Meet new people. Try new things. Appreciate aesthetic beauty. Of the edible and the human variety. Where else can you get all these playdate perks at one venue? Easy bike […]

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Boss Lady Pizza is Here to Stay

In the true fashion of restaurants on the hill, Boss Lady Pizza popped up out of nowhere this last December only to enjoy the immediate patronage of hoards of undiscriminating CU students. I first went to Boss Lady a few weeks ago after having heard the two best pieces of news I had heard all […]

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Roundhouse Spirits; stop in for a spell.

The grizzled old timer has five randomly spaced teeth, he’s sitting on a bucket spewing country wisdom as he recklessly whittles at break-neck pace, wood shavings and chaw flying everywhere.  He’s often featured in this reality show, Moonshiners, and the way he talks, pronouncing “tired” as “tard”, “me” as “may” and law enforcement as the […]

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Boulder Chef Series: The People Behind the Food. Jessica Emich, Shine Restaurant

The latest in the Boulder Chef Series features an energetic, passionate woman you’ll enjoy getting to know through this recent interview. Enjoy! Then go try her cooking.   Chef & Co-Owner: Jessica Emich, Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place EDB: What was your favorite food as a kid? I am a Jersey Italian girl at heart.  […]

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High on the Hog: A Cochon 555 Retrospective

I didn’t really know what to expect at Cochon 555, but I didn’ t expect THIS.  Excited as I was for the event in Vail, I couldn’t picture it.  Then, once I arrived, everything was moving and shaking and begging for attention, and I had to saddle up for the ride–which began before we even […]

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Natural Products Expo chock full of Boulder

The Natural Products Expo West held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California concluded this past Sunday, March 10, and there was a large contingent of Boulder-based companies. The Expo seemed to be a massively successful event, at least if success is measured based upon attendance and a warm ‘group hug’ buzz.  Sure, some T-shirt […]

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You’re Invited to a Big Ole ‘Bacon Party

This  Sunday, March 10, Boulder will represent at one of the most unique food events in America.  Blackbelly Catering’s Hosea Rosenberg and Cured’s Will Frischkorn will join a host of chefs, farmers, butchers, mixologists and more at the pork-centric traveling culinary competition and tasting event known as Cochon 555, which is making its Colorado appearance at the […]

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Boulder Chef Series: The People Behind the Food. Alec Schuler, Arugula Ristorante

When I saw his chef’s hat, I did a double take. It was a networking event hosted at Tangerine a couple of years ago and I’d been having more fun tasting chef-owner Alec Schuler’s antipasti spread than making small-talk with strangers. As I recall, it was the squid that that sent me over the moon…thick […]

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World Food Tour Part Two: Land of the Super Gyros

Rather than watching news commentators bicker about what’s going on in the Middle East, we should all go share a gyro at Salem Garni’s Mediterranean Market and Deli.  We could argue about the origins of baba ganouj (Turkey? Lebanon?), or whether Halal meat tastes any different than meat processed the western way. Or we could […]

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Beyond Saigon — Asian Seafood Market is All That and More

Rumor has it that Boulder is #1 for being ranked #1 in various “best of” lists (“Looks best naked!” “Most trust funds per capita!” “More marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks!”). However, it doesn’t usually win many awards for ethnic diversity.  Which isn’t to say that there aren’t people from all over the world living beneath the […]

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Sweet Mama Pajama: Lucky’s Bakehouse Throws Open the Doors!

Gangnam Style.  Arsenio Hall haircuts.  Lawn darts.   Recognize some of those trends?  A quick burst of popularity, followed by a moment of head-scratching reflection, then rapid decline.  And that type of “flash in the pan” seems somehow related to situations where dues must be paid and lumps taken before respect comes. Like a greenhorn cowboy […]

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Merry ‘Tails: Local Table Tours Does Holiday Cocktails

Back in March, after EDB sent Christy to the Boulder’s Best Mixology Contest, she came back with such an enticing report from the Boulder drink scene that I’ve been hoping for another chance to review cocktails for this publication. So when we were invited last month to join Local Table Tours‘ excursion through three downtown drinking […]

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The Bhakti Brand: Beautiful. Brazen. Brilliant.

Intimate Confessions Sorry, Regular Tea, I’m just not that into you. You can tempt me with your gorgeous packaging and your delicate scent, but you just don’t bring the right texture and mouthfeel to the table. And I’ve given you an all-out international effort…apple chai in Turkey, mate (both bitter and sweet) in Argentina, chamomile […]

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Hosea Rosenberg: Top Chef winner still at the top of his game

  These days, it’s hard to turn on the television without being forced to navigate channel after channel of idiotic reality shows glorifying the least attractive aspects of human society.  I am as guilty as the next person of “getting stuck” on one or two of these programs, yet my greatest vice when it comes […]

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Of Bread and Love: The Art of Maurizio Negrini

Bread. Pane. Pan. Brot.  Every culture maintains a historic, symbolic, often sacred relationship to its bread, and the travelers among you have tasted international variations on what is ultimately a very simple thing. It could be argued that bread’s beauty is in its simplicity, yet artisan baking is anything but simple. In Boulder we’re fortunate […]

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Master Cocktailier Bryan Dayton at Oak at Fourteenth

If you are like me, you might think of the restaurant at Oak at Fourteenth as an upscale yet casual dining establishment. That it is. But if that is all you consider it, you would be missing out on an excellent experience: drinking cocktails at the bar made by proprietor and “Beverage Guy” Bryan Dayton. […]

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The Leaf: Best Young Chef in Boulder

When I asked Chef Rachel Best her age, she gave me an impish sort of look that combined “I’ve been asked that before” with “should it really matter?” with “I understand this is an interview so I need to answer the question”. “I’m not as young as I look”, is what she actually responded. Chef […]

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Auguste Escoffier Culinary school really cooks!

Recently, I attended a two-day home cooking seminar, Culinary India, complements of Auguste Escoffier’s Culinary School of the Arts, to learn about Indian cuisine. Part one of this three-part story was about Indian traditions and cooking tips, as well as a glimpse of the celebrity Indian foodies who taught the seminar. Here, in part two, […]

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Bombay via Boulder: Indian Food is Cooking at Escoffier

Ever heard of a salt that smells like rats but tastes like heaven?  Have you wanted to learn how to cook amazing food but don’t really want to leave Boulder for the Culinary Institute of America, in Hyde Park, New York?  Do you just want some extraordinarily easy, authentic Indian food recipes actually found on […]

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Savory Spice Could Save Your Bacon

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, tastiness is in the mouth of the eater.  For some people, a basket of scotch bonnet chilies covered in pepper jack cheese and doused with Tabasco sauce is a tasty treat, while for others a micron of lemon pepper in a gallon of chowder has […]

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Nourish Yourself!

Two of Boulder’s defining qualities as a town are its innovative, self-starter spirit and an avid, borderline obsessive, passion for health food. This passion combined with the sport-induced metabolism capable of taking down huge quantities of food, means that there is always a market in Boulder’s food industry for locally made, healthy, small-scale food products. […]

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David Cohen: Spruce Confections and other treats

She is beautiful and slightly intimidating with her sleek yoga body and lush brown hair. She pushes the oversized sunglasses up, though, and slowly she surveys the cherry red tables, overflowing flower beds and criss cross of shade and sun. Your eyes meet hers, she’s smiling, and you know she likes your choice…your style. Well, […]

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Edible? Viviane Le Courtois Transforms BMoCA’s Gallery into a Contemporary Eat Art Space

Boulder’s Museum of Contemporary Art has been converted into a space of symbiotic aesthetic and physical experience by Viviane Le Courtois’ Exibit: Edible? Both East and West Galleries have been dedicated to the Denver-based artist, as both a retrospective and a display of her more current work: In the Garden of Earthly Delights and an […]

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Dave Query, Big Red F & the Restaurants That Make Your Mouth Water

Dave Query has several theories on the meaningless need for raccoons in this world and the obscene challenges of not drinking a delicious Top Rope beer with cereal in the morning. If he were only allowed 5 spices/herbs in his kitchen, he would choose fresh basil, fresh bay leaves, hot curry, New Mexican red chile […]

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Paul Nashak from Mountain Sun

Interview With Mountain Sun’s Paul Nashak

On October 28th, we wrote a review of the Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery, focusing on the great service the establishment has. Since then, we were able to catch up with Paul Nashak, Managing Restaurant, to ask him a few questions. We felt as if the service actually got better in the last year or […]

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Bourbon for Breakfast

Video Recipe: Tangled up in Bloom “Do you want to drink this?” It’s 9:45am on a Thursday morning, I have a dentist appointment in 15 minutes, and Caroline Johnson (the Bar Manager at West End Tavern) is offering me a bourbon drink she calls “Tangled up in Bloom”.  Mmmmmm…bourbon for breakfast. The new Wheaties. And […]

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