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Tyra is a Boulder County native, devout lover of craft beer, experimental homebrewer, staple on the Boulder foodie scene and a familiar face on most Boulder County trails. By day, she plans conferences at the University of Colorado Boulder, but by night, she's a wordsmith documenting and sharing her experiences and favorite places in the city she calls home.
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Left Hand Brewing Co. celebrates 21st birthday with inaugural Nitro Fest, circus acts, and chance to win free beer for a year

In the beginning, the concept of craft beer was just plain confusing. “You want to make something other than a lager?”, they said. “You’re planning on adding all of those hops?”, they scoffed. As the industry gradually found its footing, new phases and trends started to emerge. For awhile, the majority of beer drinkers had […]

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Shine On: Downtown Restaurant Puts Health and Wellness at the Forefront

For most folks, a new year brings new ambitions and wavering promises to put down the burger and beer and set forth on a health-conscience journey filled with homemade kale chips and treadmills. But there’s one place in Boulder where you can still grab something off the grill and indulge in a locally-made brew without […]

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FATE Brewing Company Brings a New Twist to Brewpubs in Boulder

  Walking into the FATE Brewing Company is like walking into the dining room that I wish I had. A contemporary casual place filled with warm colors, adorably organic centerpieces, good smells, friendly guests, and 30 draft lines streaming delicious local and nationally-brewed craft beer. Located in the former Playa Azul restaurant space, tucked in […]

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Twisted Pine Continues Steady Growth

In my heyday, (which I’m starting to think is unfortunately nearing its end), I used to sell craft beer— legally, of course. I spent my days selling beer in a can for a local brewery and I spent my weekends sampling the cream-of-the-crop of local and national beers from everyone else. As you can imagine, […]

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The Sisterhood of the Hop Educates Women About Beer

At the 2012 Craft Brewers Conference earlier this month, a rep from Dogfish Head Brewing tweeted a picture of a long line to the mens restroom with the caption, “Best thing ever (for women at a brewer’s conference!) The only bathroom lines are for the men’s restroom!” While it’s certainly true that the number of […]

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The No Name Bar Brings Craft Beer to the University Hill

“I’m serious, this bar has no name”. The bouncer, the owner, the bartenders, the waitresses and the regulars all stuck with the same story. They all work and play in a mysterious nameless bar that even Columbus and his dependable compass would not have been able to find. I got lucky. Thankfully, the familiar vocals […]

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The Good, the Bad and the Tasty at Upslope Brewing

It’s three o’clock on a sunny Saturday in North Boulder and the tap room at the Upslope Brewery is already packed. Seems like the beautiful Colorado sunshine has everyone’s clocks stuck on beer-thirty. Patrons sporting everything from pretty spring dresses and casual shorts to top of the line cycling gear and hiking boots fill up […]

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