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Paul Getty has lived in Boulder for over 20 years, and has sampled the wares of most of its fine (and less fine) dining and drink establishments. An amateur journalist and one-time professional cook (at several less fine places across the country), he now makes his living in the world of internet technology, running several startups from his office in downtown Boulder. He is the co-Founder and Editor of Eat Drink Boulder.
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A New Standard, Still Wild

In the last year many a Pearl Street boulevardier may have peeked inquiringly into the doorway at Wild Standard, Bradford Heap’s high end seafood establishment, only to feel daunted by its exclusive seafood menu and a “dim sum style” table service that took some serious risks.  (See our previous post on Wild Standard’s changes.) The […]

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Riverside Renaissance: Per La Gente Fuses Fine Dining with a Folk Ethic

We reported a few weeks ago on the talented characters behind the Riverside Building’s newest culinary destination, Per La Gente. On that occasion, Executive Chef /co-founder Lewis Guarasci and his General Manager/co-founder Charese Borgerson shared their backgrounds and aspirations for the new establishment, while plying us with samplings off their dinner menu. The vision of […]

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Boulder Fast Casual Faves

One of the pleasures of publishing Eat Drink Boulder is the chance to get together regularly with our writers and hear their informed, sensitive, always opinionated and often hilarious takes on the Boulder food and drink scene. The feature articles they write are masterful condensations of their views, but at our gatherings, the opinions come […]

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Foovie Fundraiser for BIFF

As many of our readers no doubt know, the Boulder International Film Festival is fast becoming one of our town’s signature cultural events. This year they have several events designed to appeal to food-lovers. The first is a fundraiser to be held on Valentine’s Day in support of expanding BIFF programming, events and growing BIFFs […]

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Merroir, Merroir on the Shell: Boutique Oysters at Jax

When the offer came in from Jax Seafood to try one of their exclusive “custom-bred oysters”, I did a double take. Did the press release actually say these oysters were “created” in the Rappahannock River, by cousins who had “resurrected” their family oyster fishery? (Yes, it did). What have we here?, I wondered. Has farm-fishing […]

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Support Farmers Markets in Longmont and Boulder!

In support of the Boulder County Farmers Markets still being held in Boulder and Longmont, we are printing in full the recent Media Alert from Mary Rochelle. Please give it a quick read and more importantly, get out to support the local farmers if you can. – Editor Farmers Market Urges Enthusiastic Shopping as Post-flood […]

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Colorado School of Vines: Tuscan Tastes on Tuesday

One of the benefits of having a vibrant food and drink culture in Boulder is the opportunity to sample some of the best artisanal products from around the world. After all, when a rare product is created, it will only find its way via our modern day spice traders to those epicenters of gastronomy where […]

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Cop Chefs

Food Media personalities Eric Ripert and Anthony Bourdain brought their two-man revue Good versus Evil to Macky Auditorium last Sunday night, playing to a packed house of students, foodies, and I suspect more than a few celebrity-chef wannabes. Loosely framed by the conceit of a police interrogation — each took a turn on a metal folding […]

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Top Tapas Tour: Da Gabi Cucina Has Big Taste with Small Plates

When the tapas craze swept urban American dining scenes several years ago, some people may have been justifiably wary. Faced with florid descriptions of olive plates and cheese boards, they might have wondered whether the “small plate” concept wasn’t just a clever way to charge a bit more for what was fundamentally an over-dresssed appetizer. […]

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Merry ‘Tails: Local Table Tours Does Holiday Cocktails

Back in March, after EDB sent Christy to the Boulder’s Best Mixology Contest, she came back with such an enticing report from the Boulder drink scene that I’ve been hoping for another chance to review cocktails for this publication. So when we were invited last month to join Local Table Tours‘ excursion through three downtown drinking […]

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No ConFusion – Aji’s Regional Dinners Keep it Real

The energy was high at Aji last Sunday for their September Regional Prix Fixe menu, a three-course Mexican delight designed by Executive Chef Jaime Martinez. Aji, of course, has been a prime spot on the East Pearl axis for some time, and has made a name for itself as one of the top Latin fusion […]

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Join Our Growing Staff!

[Editor’s Note: post slightly updated from its original publication in March, 2012. The sentiments still apply.] When we launched EDB in February, we felt we had what it takes to cover the Boulder Food and Drink scene. Boy, were we wrong. There is so much incredible activity going on every DAY in Boulder’s restaurants, markets, […]

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The Best Artisanal Pizza in Boulder

As every food lover in town surely knows by now, Boulder has in the last few years become a proving ground for inventive pizzerias cooking pies the old fashioned Neapolitan way, in a scorching hot wood-fired oven, with thin crusts and fresh toppings. Passionate about the alchemical combinations of crust, cheese and toppings that make […]

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‘Round Midnight

Masterfully schizophrenic, Round Midnight starts each evening as a neighborhood bar, darkly larval to the more seeking barflies and pool obsessives. Not a place you would want to die in, but a place to consider death, objectively. The corner booths are a frequent site of brilliant loquacity, spewed by pool sharks or any of a […]

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Walnut Brewery

A fine middle-brow entrant in a CraftWorks Restaurants line-up that also features Old Chicago (low-brow) and the Chop House (high-brow), the Walnut Brewery steps up to bat on hundreds of design elements and hits a solid base hit each time. Dark wood decor, comfortably deep booths, and a kind of aimless and vaguely yuppie clientele […]

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The Rio – Mountain Mex

Attractively committed to the myth of its own relevance, the Rio has for close to a decade found a popular niche on the corner of Walnut and Eleventh downtown. Quality Mexican-inspired fare that strives to rise above the level of your average burrito shack, the Rio barely succeeds, but really, that’s not the point. The […]

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George's at the Boulder Theater

George’s (at the Boulder Theater)

For the sake of argument, let’s assume the goal here was to create a space that, in addition to serving pre-show audiences, could attract a small crowd of diners on a couple of off-nights with a food board a notch or two above normal nightclub fare.  Now (since we have established that we are arguing) […]

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Bitter Bar, Boulder, Colorado


Don’t let Michael Cerretani’s relaxed demeanor and warm smile fool you: the guy is a killer craftsman, as adept with a cocktail shaker as a carpenter with a jigsaw. Tell him your mood, and he’ll fix you up with the perfect spirit, a birdhouse for your fluttering soul. The Bitter Bar is the re-incarnation of […]

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I’ll be honest. As a longtime lover of low down diners and greasy spoons, I was a bit skeptical of the wave of hipster-chic breakfast places that are sprouting up in Boulder. I usually want a good cup of joe, an omelette, some decent hash browns and the time and space to scan the paper […]

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