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From humble roots as a McDonald's line cook in white-pepper-is-spicy North Dakota, Levi's love of food and writing has been a long journey. He's written and eaten his way through dumpsters and anarchist bread lines in California, 4 years of tempura and buckwheat in Japan, a healthy dose of plantains and free-range goat while working in Uganda, and the culinary offerings of 36 countries before settling on the balanced and bountiful offerings of Boulder. He currently sells fruit in the North Dakota oil fields for a living, spending the other eight months a year writing science fiction and devouring culinary fact in Boulder Colorado.
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Fate: The Third Element

When I go out with Gabe, we need three things: we need a noisy pub, we need beer, and we need burgers. Decent ambiance and tasty sides never amiss either. Fate has these in spades: one of the newest breweries in Boulder’s lively scene, it has a lot to answer to in all these areas. […]

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