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Kristen is thrilled to be back in Boulder where she was born and raised after spending the last five years living and teaching middle school in Vail. Aside from eating, cooking and writing, Kristen can be found telemarking or hiking with her husband and dog. Check out her personal blog at http://fancyfunk.com
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Family, Food And Music: A Glance At Treppeda’s Over The Years

Good food is just a small slice of what you’ll get at Treppeda’s Restaurant in Niwot, Colorado, though “good” does not even begin to describe the birthday meal I enjoyed there last week with twelve of my closest friends and family members.  Immediately upon walking through the door we were greeted by a host of […]

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Hosea Rosenberg: Top Chef winner still at the top of his game

  These days, it’s hard to turn on the television without being forced to navigate channel after channel of idiotic reality shows glorifying the least attractive aspects of human society.  I am as guilty as the next person of “getting stuck” on one or two of these programs, yet my greatest vice when it comes […]

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Farm to Sable: The Black Cat Bewitches with Locally-Sourced Dishes

Until recently, farm-to-table is a term that many people would not recognize, but nowhere has it gained more momentum than in Boulder.  The natural food movement here is thriving with new companies, farms, and organizations sprouting up practically every day.  One can hardly walk into a store or establishment without noticing labels boasting “organic,” or […]

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