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Holly Klamer is a Registered Dietitian and personal trainer who has written nutrition content for various websites and organizations. She received her MS degree in Nutrition from Colorado State University. She works as a weight loss dietitian at a clinic in Denver, and she has her own business. She enjoys cooking, traveling, running and being outside. She is relatively new to the Boulder area and has lived here for 2 years.
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Pearl Street Culinary Connector Tour

Culinary Connectors was started in November of 2008 when now president, Becky Creighton, woke up one day and realized she hated her job.  She thought, “If I could design a job, what would it be?”  She decided it would be something with her favorite things: food, wine and people.  She decided to leave her well […]

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The NEW and Improved Daphne’s

If you haven’t been to Daphne’s on 29th Street in a while, you need to go.  The restaurant just got finished with remodeling, and new menu items were recently added.  Daphne’s went under reconstruction and new management after filing bankruptcy in 2010.  Since then, Daphne’s has gone through some changes under present owner and Colorado […]

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What’s So Good About GoodBelly?

Boulder based GoodBelly was founded from the original maker of White Wave Silk soy milk, Steve Demos.  Since leaving White Wave in 2005, Demos developed GoodBelly probiotics under parent company NextFoods, Inc.  Demos noted there was a probiotic drink in Europe that became a food staple in Sweden.  This drink came about from research 18 […]

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The Scoop on Boulder Made Bars

Energy bars can run the gamut in terms of nutritional value, ingredients and taste.  Energy bars have usually been marketed towards athletes for a pre or post workout snack, but now they are also made for people on the go, snacks for kids and sometimes as a meal replacement.  Boulder is home to quite a […]

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Fresh Tacos and Beans on Pearl Street

Two side by side food trucks outside the Court House on Pearl Street caught my attention as I was passing by  yesterday afternoon.  One was entitled Beans Inc.  This caught my eye because I love beans, and the Cajun inspired dishes sounded very appetizing.  Next to Beans Inc. was McDevitt Taco Supply.  Their menu options […]

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Healthy Boulder Chocolate!

Chocolate.  Milk, dark, white, with dried fruit, nuts, decadent, satisfying, melt in your mouth…….just a few descriptions for the thoughts that come to mind.  It is known as a high calorie, high fat treat that has been around since early civilizations.  Research with dark chocolate has come out in recent years that dark chocolate is […]

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Boulder’s Gone Nuts

Boulder is home to 2 distinguished nut companies: Justin’s Nut Butters and Olomomo Nut Company.  Both companies offer unique flavors and snack options but in a different way.  Justin’s can be found almost all over the country in many different venues.  Olomomo is up and coming and is moving fast and furious across Boulder, Colorado […]

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Boulder Food Swap

Food swapping has hit Boulder.  In fact, March was the 20th swapping event for Mile High Swappers.  What is involved at a swap meet? Everyone brings either a handmade or homegrown food item.  Then, after perusing what others have brought, sampling and some mingling, you can begin swapping different food items.  No money is used, […]

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Boulder’s Granola

Boulder is home to many unique businesses, and food based products are no exception.  There are at least 3 granola companies based in Boulder, and a few other companies, such as Udi’s, based in the greater Denver area.  Granola is classified by some as a super healthy food made with natural, healthy ingredients (maybe even […]

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We’re Not in Dannon Anymore…. Boom Yogurt Bar

It seems frozen yogurt (fro yo) places have been sweeping the country as of late, and it is a growing food trend.  Boulder is no exception.  In September 2011, Boulder 2008 Olympian Matty Reed and wife Kelly opened Boom Yogurt Bar as a place to be able to come eat some healthy yogurt and to […]

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All Mod Pros – The Healthy Life at Modmarket

“We could not find places to eat that we liked.”  This was the simple motivation for the creation of Modmarket from owners Anthony Pigliacampo and Rob McColgan.  Sure there are plenty of higher end restaurants that use high quality ingredients, but Anthony felt he could not justify the time or expense to eat there everyday.  […]

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