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Beth came to Boulder in 2004 from Mill Valley, CA and realized quickly what true community feels like. She's an organic gardening, dark chocolate-loving, diem-carping, adventurous polyglot with a passion for pure, honest food. She owns two companies: POP! media studio (Digital Marketing and PR for small businesses) and UP Talks (Uplifting and Provocative Talks for Women).
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Coffee Lovers Unite! Boulder’s Dragonfly Coffee Roasters is a Class Act

In the 70’s and 80’s in my house, Yuban was the coffee of choice. Needless to say, I grew up hating the smell of coffee. At the ripe old age of 20, I managed to break out of small-town America to go study in France for a year. European café life, with its exotic rituals […]

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Break Your Fast at ModMarket (29th Street mall)

The email came into my inbox as I was brainstorming ideas for my next food write-up; naturally, I took note of the words “Breakfast is on us.” The email was from ModMarket—purveyor of “fast casual” salads, sandwiches, soup, pizza, and now, breakfast—and offered a 2-for-1 breakfast and an introduction to Chef Nate’s magic. So I rounded […]

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Downtown Boulder Rocks the Annual Taste of Pearl

On a snowy, 27-degree April day last week, my fellow EDB blogger Allan Parr and I took part in the annual Taste of Pearl event produced by Downtown Boulder (this year’s presenting sponsor was Audi of Boulder). The Taste of Pearl sells out nearly every year, and offers attendees the chance to meander to 15+ […]

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Vegetarians and Carnivores Alike Enjoy Chipotle’s New Spicy “Sofritas”

Did you know you can order a tequila margarita at Chipotle? That the pinto beans are now bacon-free? And that front-of-store composting is being launched in 15 Denver restaurants? I’ve always enjoyed Chipotle, and love to see them up the ante with more nutritious offerings and healthier and more socially responsible policies and suppliers. Chipotle […]

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Boulder’s Number One Dining Spot on a Wednesday Night?

From May to October, the downtown Boulder Farmer’s Market is hands down, the Best. Playdate. Ever. Wednesday is the new Thursday. The night to GO OUT. Play. Unwind. Meet new people. Try new things. Appreciate aesthetic beauty. Of the edible and the human variety. Where else can you get all these playdate perks at one venue? Easy bike […]

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Boulder Chef Series: The People Behind the Food. Jessica Emich, Shine Restaurant

The latest in the Boulder Chef Series features an energetic, passionate woman you’ll enjoy getting to know through this recent interview. Enjoy! Then go try her cooking.   Chef & Co-Owner: Jessica Emich, Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place EDB: What was your favorite food as a kid? I am a Jersey Italian girl at heart.  […]

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Boulder Chef Series: The People Behind the Food. Alec Schuler, Arugula Ristorante

When I saw his chef’s hat, I did a double take. It was a networking event hosted at Tangerine a couple of years ago and I’d been having more fun tasting chef-owner Alec Schuler’s antipasti spread than making small-talk with strangers. As I recall, it was the squid that that sent me over the moon…thick […]

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A Kindler, Gentler New Year’s Cleanse

End-of-year festivities and family visits can be overwhelming, just at the time of year when what might be best for our bodies and spirits is quiet time with no pressure, stress, or obligations. And just when we think we’re emerging from the overwhelm, the imminent arrival of New Year’s can evoke another set of societal […]

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The Bhakti Brand: Beautiful. Brazen. Brilliant.

Intimate Confessions Sorry, Regular Tea, I’m just not that into you. You can tempt me with your gorgeous packaging and your delicate scent, but you just don’t bring the right texture and mouthfeel to the table. And I’ve given you an all-out international effort…apple chai in Turkey, mate (both bitter and sweet) in Argentina, chamomile […]

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Of Slogs and Saag: Seeking Sublime Spinach Saag

Adventurous food usually goes along with adventurous travel, and my most recent adventure was no exception.  On a typically gorgeous October morning in Aspen, complete with robin-egg blue sky and yellow leaves falling like snow, my friend Michael and I set off on foot for the 11-mile hike over West Maroon Pass into Crested Butte.  Michael was […]

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Of Bread and Love: The Art of Maurizio Negrini

Bread. Pane. Pan. Brot.  Every culture maintains a historic, symbolic, often sacred relationship to its bread, and the travelers among you have tasted international variations on what is ultimately a very simple thing. It could be argued that bread’s beauty is in its simplicity, yet artisan baking is anything but simple. In Boulder we’re fortunate […]

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