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Ariana was born in Los Angeles and migrated to Boulder 8 years ago where she and her clan took to the mountains and miles of blacktop like only a migrant can. Now a predictably-Boulder everything-enthusiast, Ariana is trying to narrow her pursuits to writing- a long standing passion- cycling, gardening and Italian wine.
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An Interview with Ande Anderson, Creator of Super Shrink Me

I was recently invited to attend a screening of the film Super Shrink Me by Boulderite, nutritionist and filmmaker Ande Anderson. After the somewhat uncharacteristic but delicious spread of mainly salamis and cheeses and some mingling, the movie started playing. The film is a response to Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock’s documentary about the horror […]

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The Goat Had a Baby!

If you’re looking for one of my signature elaborately scathing reviews, read no further. This will yield you no satisfaction. This article is designed for those of you who, like me, have 3 or 4 jobs, all of which involve sitting down for hours on end, staring at computer screens and jotting down notes. For […]

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Snarfburger is… Kinda Whatever

We’ve all got busy lives and chances are, you’ve budgeted about 25 seconds for “reading” this article so I’ll just cut right to the chase. If you want the essence of this review without expending the energy to actually read the whole thing, no problem. I get it. Look no further. Here goes.   Snarfburger: […]

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Don’t Fret Folks, There’s a New Laughing Goat!

Boulder’s much-beloved coffee house, the Laughing Goat, recently opened a new location. Perched amidst the warehouse start-ups and commuter traffic of east Boulder, Baby Goat, as the new location has been affectionately nicknamed, shares a space with the Green Garage on 55th and Pearl. The new cafe is smaller and more intimate than the original […]

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Boss Lady Pizza is Here to Stay

In the true fashion of restaurants on the hill, Boss Lady Pizza popped up out of nowhere this last December only to enjoy the immediate patronage of hoards of undiscriminating CU students. I first went to Boss Lady a few weeks ago after having heard the two best pieces of news I had heard all […]

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An Evening at Cafe Aion

After having passed by Cafe Aion, the barely-new-anymore restaurant on the hill, for a year or two now, I finally decided to give it a try. The restaurant, not cafe, is tucked away behind the Innisfree bookstore and poetry cafe on the corner of 13th and Pennsylvania. The building has a pleasant-looking quaint brick exterior […]

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A Search for the Perfect Gyro

One of my favorite foods, which is actually a very common preamble for me, is the gyro sandwich. Everything about them is perfect, from the warm squishy pita bread to the insanely delicious and flavorful gyro meat itself, to the universally enhancing feta cheese. So it’s my intention to go on a mission to find […]

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Boulder’s Best Deli Food

What is the best grocery store deli department in Boulder? We wondered this too and did an experiment to provide you with an answer.   At a recent Eat Drink Boulder get together, our clan of foodies agreed to turn the casual meeting into a potluck taste test. We all brought three items from the […]

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Le Tour des Patisseries

A few years ago, I took a trip around Europe visiting friends, finding myself, the basic Euro-trip. Thanks to a friend of a friend gladly taking me in, I was able to stay in Paris for two weeks. During this expanse of time, I wandered through the Musee d’Orsay, dined solo, flipped through used books […]

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Chart Your “Course” at The World Cafe

I went to the “World Cafe’s” soft opening party knowing nothing. I had never been to Cuvee, the wine bar of the same owners previously in its place and knew nothing about the new one. What I expected to find was a new chic restaurant, too hip for its own good, competing for the talkative […]

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Piece, (Coffee, Beer, Spices) Love & Chocolate

Last week, I was asked, along with a few other writers from Eat Drink Boulder, to go on a local food tour on and around Pearl street. Seeing as how two of my biggest passions in life are food and writing, I was thrilled to oblige. The food tour was put on by the Denver-based […]

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North Boulder Amante: Everyone’s Favorite Pre-Ride Watering Hole

Cafes in Boulder, unlike almost any other city in the US, enjoy the added niche market of the avid espresso-seeking sport enthusiast. While Boulder restaurants are able to cater to the post-14er wind-burnt and ravishingly hungry crowd with lots of stories to recount, only cafes are able to offer the ease of commitment-free stops either […]

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Nourish Yourself!

Two of Boulder’s defining qualities as a town are its innovative, self-starter spirit and an avid, borderline obsessive, passion for health food. This passion combined with the sport-induced metabolism capable of taking down huge quantities of food, means that there is always a market in Boulder’s food industry for locally made, healthy, small-scale food products. […]

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