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Anastasia was born in Russia, moved to the US at the age of 9, and moved from New Mexico to Boulder in 2007 to attend CU. Though Anastasia enjoys her work in the mental health field, she likes to spend her free time going to various happy hours, trying new restaurants and tasting wine. Anastasia likes to volunteer with local distilleries and wineries, mixing cocktails, helping bottle, or working events. She also enjoys the arts, and you can frequently find her at the Dairy Arts Center, catching a movie, volunteering, or taking a ballet class.
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24 Carrot-A Gem Uncovered

There is life outside of the Boulder Bubble, and it shines in places like 24 Carrot. Located just 30 minutes away, in historic downtown Erie, 24 Carrot is a hidden gem. Named East County’s Best New Restaurant by the Boulder Weekly, 24 Carrot doesn’t disappoint. Shortly before six, on a blustery Monday night, the dining […]

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The Organic Dish: Your Personal Sous Chef

People of Boulder love to keep busy. Sometimes, 24 hours doesn’t  feel like enough time to squeeze in cooking dinner. That is why the The Organic Dish wants to do the meal prep for you. All you have to do is thaw, cook and eat! “We want to be your sous chef,” says Dan Sorrells, […]

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CineCHEF: An Upscale Take on Dinner and a Movie

The combo of “dinner and a movie” will never go out of style. However, the “same old” can get boring. In its second year, as part of the Boulder International Film Festival, CineCHEF is a creative iteration of “dinner and a movie.” A gourmet culinary experience, CineCHEF showcases chefs from some of Boulder’s most recognized restaurants. […]

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Pros and Cons of Drinking Local

At Eat, Drink, Boulder, we promote and support local. Boulder is a town of beauty, creativity, start-ups, and our favorite: delicious food and drink. Whenever we can, we eat and drink local. In doing this, the economy and hard work of our community members is supported. The local agriculture benefits, leaving room for open space […]

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Denver International Wine Festival: A Must-Do!

Everyone should attend the Denver International Wine Festival at least once in their life. Started in 2005 by Christopher and Darcy Davies, the festival has continued to educate newcomers and wine lovers, promoting the discovery of hidden gems in the wine industry. After realizing that most of Colorado’s wine festivals are held in the mountains, […]

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Good Food and Great Films Unite

Inspiration can come from anywhere. For Anthony Lucero, the maker of East Side Sushi, one of the films from this year’s Flatirons Food Film Festival, the inspiration came while dining at a sushi restaurant. After working as part of the visual design for films like Iron Man and Pirates of the Caribbean, Anthony Lucero decided […]

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Fresh Thymes: Eating With Power!

It is powerful to be able to have whatever you want when ordering at a restaurant. Unfortunately, people with dietary allergies and intolerances do not always have that luxury. After being diagnosed with celiac disease in 2006, Christine Ruch found that the best solution to conquering the fear of eating out was opening a restaurant […]

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Sancho’s Gives Reason to Eat Steak

People often ask me why I don’t eat beef. I simply don’t like the texture and taste. However, the Plato de Carne Asada at Sancho’s is the exception to my beef avoidance. Sancho’s is a small, Mexican restaurant hidden in the shopping center on Iris and 28th by the DMV. It used to be called […]

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Fog Theory Wines: Whole Foods’ Little Secret

Whole Foods Market is known for quality products, healthy choices and delicious food. However, the Whole Foods Market wine department deserves some attention. In my first experience with a virtual wine tasting, I had the opportunity to taste two unreleased wines that are coming to the Rocky Mountain Whole Foods region this summer. Fog Theory […]

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PMG: Broadening Boulder’s Horizons

There is a stigma that wine can only be enjoyed if the drinker has a broad knowledge and understanding of wine. Emily Gold would like to break that stereotype, which is why PMG is about comfort, fun and approachability to wine and food. On a quiet Monday evening, I walk into PMG and am instantly […]

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Fast Causal Faves – Modmarket for the Calorie Conscious

Modmarket was started by two people who wanted tasty, fresh, simple, quick but well-priced and healthy food. This resulted in the nine currently open Colorado locations as well as three restaurants in Texas. The menu offers a variety of salads, sandwiches, pizzas, soups and home-style plates. The menu accommodates gluten-free eaters like myself, and all […]

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Eat Drink Boulder Enjoys French Wine

Shopping for wine is hard. Wine can be chosen based on grape varietal, location, region, producer, style, etc. It is possible to spend hours browsing aisles of wine and still walk away empty handed. That is why having one person choose three of their favorite wines and letting others taste, is a great way to […]

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Settembre Cellars: Sip, Savor and Learn

New Year’s resolutions tend to be hard to keep. However, if the resolution involves drinking wine, it might be slightly more manageable. One way to learn about wine is to select one type of grape and try different bottles of it. My current grape: Cabernet Sauvignon. Between January and March, I have been buying and […]

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Boulder Wine Merchant Expertise for Free

Did you know that Boulder Wine Merchant offers free wine education classes, led by owner and Master Sommelier, Brett Zimmerman? Maybe I miss the classroom setting or learning something new every day, but when I hear about a free lecture or class, I jump at the opportunity to participate. The classes are held Saturday afternoons […]

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Wines for Floods: Boulder’s Flood Wine Brand

Drinking to raise money for a good cause; who could ever be opposed to that? Drinking good wine for a cause is even better. Boulder Wine Merchant, owned by Brett Zimmerman, hosts free wine tastings every Wednesday from 5:30-7pm, making for a nice way to get out of the midweek slump. Lately, Wednesdays have been […]

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Cured: Wine Tasting and Education in One

Wine tastings can go one of two ways: impersonal and rushed or intimate and educational. Though wine tastings are a great way to sample unknown wines, I also like to learn about the wines I’m drinking: the grapes, the producer, the region. I may not be at a tasting to buy a bottle of wine, […]

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