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If you want to know about Allan, close your eyes and bite into a perfect steak sandwich. Savor it. Now, keeping your peepers squeezed shut, take a sizable swig of cold IPA, and let it slide down your gullet. Finally, try to describe how that makes you feel. When you do, you will know what makes this cat tick. A marketing communications pro and part-time lawyer by trade, he eats and drinks and shares his impressions, without much you will see.
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The Taco Report: T/aco has untamed flavors ready to scarf

Once upon a time there was a bear that loved tacos. The bear loved tacos so much that he pursued them regardless of danger. So one day the hungry bear wandered into Boulder, confused by traffic, bewildered by loud noises, but hungry and determined. Soon he had ambled to the northwest corner of Walnut and […]

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Flatiron’s Food Film Festival is Built to Please!

You’ve heard of the 4H club and it’s decades-old mission of introducing kids to agriculture. Folksy, rustic, farmy, shampoo-the-llama stuff. Well, if you think that’s cool, you need to know about the 4 F’s: Flatirons Food Film Festival. Not only will this downtown Boulder festival have 2 free events for young folks—a kids tour of […]

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Over the Moon for Under the Sun

Incoming bombs shriek by, exploding with terrifying cracks and booms. You dive for cover in the gritty trench, gasping and wondering if you will live through the night, much less kiss your lover, or even drink another beer. And in that scary moment, your brain actually slows down and considers the seemingly arbitrary notion: Your […]

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Fast Casual Faves – Moe’s Better

Our town is an unusual one, sporting more-than-its-share of contradictions and oddball behavior— that is widely known. And one such quirk is that, while on the one hand we support a colossal percentage of vegetarian, non-dairy, all-organic glutards, we simultaneously have a relenteless appetite for things that (arguably) aren’t so…ummm…health conscious. Beer. Ice cream. Meat. […]

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Taste of Pearl; pssst, follow me

Guy Who Knows: C’mere for a second, I got a hot tip. Guy Who Does Not Know: “Me?” GWK: Yeah, you…come here.  OK, listen up: so not everyone knows but this coming Sunday, April 13 is the 5th annual Taste of Pearl where chefs from around town and Colorado wineries combine forces to hook up […]

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Parkway Cafe: It’s Democratic!

          Baby Boomers love the “throw back”, aka the “rehash”, which is basically a nostalgic backwards glance at seemingly great things from their past.  The first cast of SNL, flights that arrived and took off on time, quiche, cheap gas. Generation X’ers and other newer humans kind of nod and roll […]

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Volta Knows Best?

SSSPLATT!!!  Paint flung hits canvas and bystanders alike.  The mad artist dashes over and swirls the colors, using her hair and elbows as a brush.  Finally, she staples a banana peel to the canvas, signs her name with a flourish and says, “Perfect!” There is something cool about an artist out to please themselves without […]

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You Can Believe in The Yellow Deli

Religion, politics, taxes, crunchy or smooth peanut butter; some topics are too emotional and wired with explosives to discuss with anyone you don’t know very well, and even then, only with caution, an open mind and a carbon fiber blast shield. And that notion is one of the things that make Yellow Deli (roughly 9th […]

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Come for the Burritos, Stay for the Margs?

There is something slightly unsettling about hanging out and drinking in a fast casual restaurant.  Does your “not cool” alarm sound at the thought of having a glass of wine at Burger King or a piña colada at Long John Silver’s?  Mine too, but it bears examination because Chipotle is now serving very respectable margaritas at […]

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Roundhouse Spirits; stop in for a spell.

The grizzled old timer has five randomly spaced teeth, he’s sitting on a bucket spewing country wisdom as he recklessly whittles at break-neck pace, wood shavings and chaw flying everywhere.  He’s often featured in this reality show, Moonshiners, and the way he talks, pronouncing “tired” as “tard”, “me” as “may” and law enforcement as the […]

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Natural Products Expo chock full of Boulder

The Natural Products Expo West held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California concluded this past Sunday, March 10, and there was a large contingent of Boulder-based companies. The Expo seemed to be a massively successful event, at least if success is measured based upon attendance and a warm ‘group hug’ buzz.  Sure, some T-shirt […]

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Hole-in-the-Wall series, Curry n Kebob

Sweat beads on his forehead as he anxiously looks at the contentious border between India and Pakistan.   Green neon glows ominously as the ancient fan casts a slow, loping shadow.  Nuclear showdown at hand?  Nope, just a diner enjoying some home-cooked Indian food at Curry n Kebob, at the north east corner of Valmont and […]

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Party Food: Chipotle Adds Spice

Editor’s Note: Eat Drink Boulder was invited to attend a Chipotle grand opening event for their new catering business and writer Allan Parr attended. We were not paid for this article but Allan did receive free food – although anyone who drives to Denver for a burrito is not doing it for a freebie. Our […]

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Deerhammer Distillery Will Leave You in Good Spirits

In case you missed it, spirits are back.  There was a dreary period, let’s call it the 80’s and 90’s when it seemed to be all about beer and wine.  Who doesn’t love beer and wine, right?  But sometimes you hanker for something more sophisticated, potent and exotic.  Hell, beer and wine are doing just […]

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Hole-in-the-Wall, part 2: La Choza

What do Shaquille O’Neal and La Choza have in common?  Tell ya in a minute, but first let’s consider what they don’t share.  The former basketball player is slightly more than seven feet tall.  La Choza is a tiny Pop-Tart of a food stand whose roof is barely six feet tall.  See the short guy in […]

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Sweet Mama Pajama: Lucky’s Bakehouse Throws Open the Doors!

Gangnam Style.  Arsenio Hall haircuts.  Lawn darts.   Recognize some of those trends?  A quick burst of popularity, followed by a moment of head-scratching reflection, then rapid decline.  And that type of “flash in the pan” seems somehow related to situations where dues must be paid and lumps taken before respect comes. Like a greenhorn cowboy […]

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Hole In The Wall, pt.1: Village Coffee Shop

Boulder has evolved into a destination for dining, and it deserves it.  But there is more to life than dining, right?  There’s eating.  You know, just disregarding everything but the chow.  I hope to show you a few divey type places that you may have missed, starting today.  Not the fanciest, not the latest, but sometimes […]

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WholeVine: Wine is Great, But There is So Much More!

  When you think of sustainability and using “every last drop” of something, generally you think of something like energy or water.  Fortunately, there are people like Peggy Furth, co-founder of WholeVine Products, who marry the principles of sustainability and zero waste with food and drink. Located in Napa Valley Wine Country, WholeVine takes the […]

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Hazel’s Beverage World is a whole new booze planet

  If you aren’t old enough to remember Hazel, the TV show about the kooky but earnestly wise house keeper for the Baxter’s, maybe you recall when Liquor Mart was the only game in town.  Okay, stop.  Those days are over, baby. Say hello to the new kid in town, Hazel’s Beverage World. Located just […]

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Culinary India recipes from Escoffier Boulder

This is the final ‘chapter’ of a 3-part article about Auguste Escoffier’s School of Culinary Arts’ Home Cooking series.  The class was called Culinary India, and focused on home-cooking as it is actually practiced in India.  Part one of the article was about the chefs and guest lecturers; part two was about Escoffier’s programs, and […]

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Tastes on the Terrace at The Flagstaff House; You Won’t Soon Forget

Leafing through a forgotten cookbook, a recipe from your childhood falls out on yellowed parchment; you make it and it tastes like home, flooding your senses with nostalgia and comfort.  An old friend calls, and your breath hitches as you recall fond memories.  You pull a pair of missing jeans out from behind the dresser […]

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Auguste Escoffier Culinary school really cooks!

Recently, I attended a two-day home cooking seminar, Culinary India, complements of Auguste Escoffier’s Culinary School of the Arts, to learn about Indian cuisine. Part one of this three-part story was about Indian traditions and cooking tips, as well as a glimpse of the celebrity Indian foodies who taught the seminar. Here, in part two, […]

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Bombay via Boulder: Indian Food is Cooking at Escoffier

Ever heard of a salt that smells like rats but tastes like heaven?  Have you wanted to learn how to cook amazing food but don’t really want to leave Boulder for the Culinary Institute of America, in Hyde Park, New York?  Do you just want some extraordinarily easy, authentic Indian food recipes actually found on […]

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Savory Spice Could Save Your Bacon

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, tastiness is in the mouth of the eater.  For some people, a basket of scotch bonnet chilies covered in pepper jack cheese and doused with Tabasco sauce is a tasty treat, while for others a micron of lemon pepper in a gallon of chowder has […]

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Don’t Dis The Doughnut!

Maybe you went hiking or biking and deserve a treat. Maybe you are daydreaming about your carefree childhood. Perhaps you just don’t give a rat’s rear, and you want sugar and fat. Whatever the reason, today might be a good day to snarf a doughnut, as it is National Doughnut Day . Krispy Kreme and […]

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Scotch me up, Beamie!

Is there a season for scotch drinking?  Should there be?  Maybe a national holiday, called, oh, I don’t know…National Scotch Drinking Day?  Maybe just simply “Scotchy Scotch Days.”  If there were such a celebration, the fest known as Scotch & Wild Game, held on April 28th, at the West End Tavern (Pearl, between 9th and […]

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Boar Ribs with Whiskey BBQ Sauce

Boar ribs with Whiskey BBQ 2 qt ketchup 2 white onions (burn the heck out of them) 1/4 cup brown sugar 1 cup cider vinegar 1/4 cup lemon juice  3/4 cups molasses 1/4 cup worcestershire sauce 1 oz liquid smoke 1 oz dry mustard 1 oz garlic powder 1 oz black pepper 1/4cup red hot […]

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Blood and Sand Recipe

Blood and Sand 3/4 oz. Black Grouse Scotch 3/4 oz. Dolin Sweet Red Vermouth 3/4 oz. Luxardo Sangue Morlacco Cherry Liqueur 3/4 oz. Blood Orange Juice (keep in fridge) Add all ingredients. Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a house bourbon cherry and a fat orange twist.

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Mexican In Your Backyard

Ants are crawling out of the sidewalk cracks in little brown volcanoes.  The crab apple blooms have long since opened, broken free and floated to yards far away.  Dogs are high-stepping from blistering concrete to cool grass.  Something is up.  I think its called “Summer”, even though the calendar says April. When the heat rolls […]

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Peppermint; Better Than Prozac

The thing with good peppermint is this: it somehow gives you hope for a better day.  The potent blast of crisp, astringent flavor; the curious and powerful tang as you breathe in; the slightly dizzying “Am I high?” feeling as you exhale.  It’s all part of the nobility and mysterious restorative magic of mint. Don’t […]

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David Cohen: Spruce Confections and other treats

She is beautiful and slightly intimidating with her sleek yoga body and lush brown hair. She pushes the oversized sunglasses up, though, and slowly she surveys the cherry red tables, overflowing flower beds and criss cross of shade and sun. Your eyes meet hers, she’s smiling, and you know she likes your choice…your style. Well, […]

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