Flatiron’s Food Film Festival is Built to Please!

You’ve heard of the 4H club and it’s decades-old mission of introducing kids to agriculture. Folksy, rustic, farmy, shampoo-the-llama stuff. Well, if you think that’s cool, you need to know about the 4 F’s: Flatirons Food Film Festival.

Not only will this downtown Boulder festival have 2 free events for young folks—a kids tour of the Farmer’s Market, and 3 short food films aimed at kids—it will have much, much more groovy stuff for eaters of all ages. Get this: Jonathan Gold, THE Jonathan Gold, the Pulitzer Prize winning LA Time’s food critic, will be on stage discussing food and answering your questions. Hosea Rosenberg of Blackbelly, Dan Hayward of Savory Spice shop and Lindsey Loberg of Boulder Food Rescue will all be on hand to dig deep into culinary trends, societal impacts and sharing experiences.

Films including City of Gold, Dough and Fear No Fruit will be shown at the Boulder Public Library. E-Town Hall will host events. In short, there will be tastings, discussions, films and tours, all revolving around our favorite topic: Food! Combine all of this with our legendary October weather, then ask yourself: what could be more fun? Tickets go on sale September 15 @ http://www.flatironsfoodfilmfest.org/.

Allan Parr

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