Don’t Dis The Doughnut!

Maybe you went hiking or biking and deserve a treat. Maybe you are daydreaming about your carefree childhood. Perhaps you just don’t give a rat’s rear, and you want sugar and fat. Whatever the reason, today might be a good day to snarf a doughnut, as it is National Doughnut Day

If you build it, they will eat.

. Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ are serving up some freebies, but more importantly, so is LaMar’s, our local favorite. I’ll have a glazed old fashioned, please.

Allan Parr

About Allan Parr

If you want to know about Allan, close your eyes and bite into a perfect steak sandwich. Savor it. Now, keeping your peepers squeezed shut, take a sizable swig of cold IPA, and let it slide down your gullet. Finally, try to describe how that makes you feel. When you do, you will know what makes this cat tick. A marketing communications pro and part-time lawyer by trade, he eats and drinks and shares his impressions, without much you will see.

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