Arapahoe & Broadway Vacancy Filled…Finally!

You know that brick building that sits at the northeast corner of the Broadway/Arapahoe intersection (no, not the gas station…the building just to the north of that)? The one that has been vacant for over SIX YEARS?! It’s finally getting a tenant! The plan is to create a space called “Broadwalk on the Creek”, which will house a cafe, office and co-working spaces, and a mini-theater (for music, art shows, etc). Plans include impending building renovations with the possibility of geting spaces leased in August, as well as the addition of residential units and a rooftop garden to the third level in 2013. From everyone at EDB (and I think I can safely say from every person in town who frequently drives by that building)…best of luck!! Read the full (and much more informative) Daily Camera article here.

Christy Mercer

About Christy Mercer

Christy Mercer moved to Colorado from her native state of Oregon six years ago, and has spent her time here exploring Boulder's culinary offerings and taking advantage the many great outdoor activities the area has to offer. She has a background in journalism and working in web start-ups, and while not working, enjoys traveling, tasting new food, running, and baking.

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